Tweetly ScreenshotsSource: Belma Fakic

What you need to know

  • Tweetly puts your tweets on a background of your choosing, ready for sharing to image-based networks like Instagram.

There's a kind of app that I've been looking for and never been able to find. Until today when I dug through my many – far too many! – emails about CES 2021 and found an email from a 17-year-old developer called Nedim. He was sharing his app, called Tweetly, and it's exactly what I was looking for. It might be what you've been looking for, too.

Taking tweets and putting them on Instagram with gorgeous backgrounds and effects is something I've seen people do for years. Tweetly makes that possible with just a few taps and it can even share to Instagram once you've finished tweaking everything, too.

Oliver Haslam Tweetly ExampleSource: iMore

Creating a new image via Tweetly is super simple. You can choose to use one of your own images as the background or pick one from Unsplash instead. Want to just use solid colors instead? No problem. That's an option as well.

The resulting images are gorgeous and can be shared or saved to your Photos app for later use. What's more, all of this is free with no in-app purchases available. Nedim tells me that's the case "for now" so that might change at some point in the future. You can download Tweetly from the App Store now and find more information about the app on the web.

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