In today's technologically advanced world, programmers who understand the MEAN stack — JavaScript technologies including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Nodejs — are in high demand. That's right: having just one programming language up your sleeve will no longer cut it when looking to step into a new career.

Become a JavaScript master with this $19 bundle

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Attempting to assemble a course bundle with the training required to master these programming languages would no doubt be difficult, and the cost would surely rise quite quickly. What you need is a pre-assembled bundle that includes everything you need to know about the MEAN stack.

Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has just the bundle. Instead of paying $719, you'll instead pay just $38. That's 94% off the regular price!

The deal gets even better! You can earn an additional 50% off when you used the promo code BUNDLE50! That's right, this entire bundle can be your for only $19!

Included in this bundle are eight courses with more than 57 hours of content:

  • Become a Web Developer from Scratch
  • Master MEAN: Learn the Fundamentals of MEAN Stack
  • Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs and MongoDB
  • The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB
  • AngularJS for Beginners, Single-Page Applications Made Easy
  • Learn MEAN Stack
  • Learn Express

This eight-course bundle will get you started on a new career, and it's right now 94% off!

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If you're ready to tackle the MEAN stack and get a solid head start on a new career, this is the bundle for you. At only $19, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.