If you're looking for fun stuff to watch or listen to in iTunes this week, here are some picks straight from the editorial staff of iMore. We've got some electronic music, some sci-fi and Showtime's dark thriller series about a serial killer who hunts murderers.

True, Avicii - Ally Kazmucha


I'm a huge trance/progressive/anything electronic person. Avicii has long been one of my favorites and he's got a new album. To top it off, he was featured as part of Apple's iTunes Festival where he gave the audience a sneak peak at the new album, which is now available for download. So if you have an Apple TV, fire it up and make sure you watch the performance while you can.

Dexter - Season 7 - Richard Devine


If a serial killer can ever be a good thing, then Dexter Morgan probably comes as close as it gets. A forensic scientist with a specialty in blood by day, a serial killer by night, Dexter follows the story of the lead character as he exterminates murderers. So, he doesn't just kill for the sake of killing, he takes the life of those who have taken the life of another.

At times pretty graphic, but all the while keeping you gripped to its story lines, Dexter is a superb show that sadly will end when it reaches the final episode of Season 8. That season is currently available on iTunes and being broadcast on TV, but I've chosen Season 7 for a very important reason. My wife and I have been watching Dexter on Netflix, but here in the UK at least, they only have up to Season 6. That means iTunes has to come to the rescue and continue the action. Still proving that iTunes is one of the best places to get your digital TV shows.

Looper - Joseph Keller


Looper is a time travel movie that never really explains its time travel mechanism. It establishes some basic rules, but only insofar as to establish that something will happen, but not why. You'd think that this would be frustrating, but it never is. Watching the characters in this movie, I never really found myself questioning the mechanics. And that's because they don't really matter. Looper establishes certain elements of how time travel works quite effectively, allowing you to sit back and watch the characters do what they do.

Joe is a hit man for the mob in 2044 Kansas city with a very specific job profile. When the mob in 2074 wants someone eliminated, they send them back to Joe's time to cover the crime. But when his bosses send an older version of Joe back, things start to go incredibly, spectacularly wrong. Well-paced and engaging, Looper was easily one of my favorite movies last year, and if you're looking for some good sci-fi, Looper should definitely be on your list.

Give You The Ghost - Poliça - Peter Cohen


I'm ashamed to admit that Minneapolis' Poliça was off my radar until I downloaded the single "Chain My Name" (from their forthcoming album Shulamith) as part of Apple's promotion of bands associated with its month-long iTunes Festival. I went back and grabbed their debut album, 2012's "Give You the Ghost," and it's fantastic. Poliça are an odd combination - two drummers, a bass player, keyboards and the vocal stylings of Channy Leaneagh. As is implied by the setup, "Give You the Ghost" is a very rhythm-centric affair. "Give You the Ghost" sticks with R&B beats and structures, but it has a strong electronic flourish thanks partly to the reliance on keyboards and thanks also to the heavy use of effects processing on Leaneagh's vocals, which drip with echoes, delays and auto-tune tweaks. The effect is a bit unearthly, but really beautiful.

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