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What you need to know

  • Meross has released a new 3-Way compatible HomeKit light switch.
  • Latest accessory is designed for lighting that is controlled by multiple switches.
  • The 3-Way Switch joins the recent release of a single pole variant.

Hot on the heels of the recent release of its first HomeKit-enabled light switch, Meross has dropped another switch that is designed for more complicated wiring setups. Available now on Amazon, the Meross 3-Way Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch is compatible with scenarios where a single light fixture is controlled by multiple switches, such as at the top and bottom of a staircase.

Affordable and Easy to Install: With meross's patent designed 3 way smart light switch, you only need to replace one traditional 3 way switch. Half cost and labor. 15 mins installation. meross smart light switch fits for your existing 1/2/3/4 gang standard size Decora/GFCI faceplate.

The latest 3-Way switch looks identical to the original single pole variant, which we found to perform above and beyond its affordable price tag in our recent review. The switch features a clean all-white plastic design, a single rocker button to toggle connected lights, and an LED light that can be used for locating it in the dark.

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Even though 3-Way wiring usually involves replacing both switches, Meross states that its switch only requires swapping out one, making installation easier. However, as with most other smart light switches, the new 3-way switch does require the presence of a ground and neutral wire in the desired electrical box, which older homes may not have.

Just like with the single pole version, the 3-Way switch connects directly to home networks via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi, and can be paired without a separate hub. Pairing the switch via HomeKit does not require any additional app downloads, or account registration, and it can be set up entirely through Apple's Home app.

In addition to HomeKit, the Meross 3-Way switch supports Amazon's Alexa, and the Google Assistant. For those outside of the HomeKit ecosystem, the Meross app, available on both iOS and Android, can be used to create timers, schedules, and even scenes with other Meross accessories.

The Meross 3-Way Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch is available now on Amazon at a list price of $27.99. Meross appears to be running a promotion for the release, as there is currently an $8 coupon that can be applied on the Amazon listing, which makes the already affordable switch even cheaper.


Meross Smart Wifi Wall Switch 3way

Meross 3-Way Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch

Multi-way compatible

The HomeKit-enabled Meross 3-Way Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch adds Siri voice commands and app controls to more complicated wiring setups. If you have a light that has two switches, then this 3-way switch will fit the bill.

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