Meross Mss510hk Light SwitchSource: Meross

What you need to know

  • Meross has quietly released its HomeKit compatible light switch.
  • MSS510HK Light Switch connects directly to Wi-Fi without a hub.
  • Light switch retails for $26 and can be purchased on Amazon now.

Meross has released its latest HomeKit-enabled accessory today, the MSS510HK Smart Light Switch. The light switch, which is available on Amazon now, joins other recently released Meross HomeKit smart plugs for both the indoors and out.

The MSS510HK is a single Decora style rocker switch that requires a neutral wire for installation. The switch connects directly to 2.4ghz Wi-Fi networks without the need for a dedicated hub, and it includes both status and connectivity LED indicators on the front.

The Meross Smart Light Switch comes in just one color, white, and it includes a Decora screwless face plate in the box. The switch has wires pre-attached for easy installation with the included wire-nuts.

The light switch retails for $25, and can be ordered from Meross Direct through Amazon now. Additional HomeKit products from Meross are in the works, with the company planning to release light bulbs, and a garage door controller within the next "2 months".


Meross Mss510hk Light Switch

Meross MSS510HK Smart Light Switch

Hey Siri, turn on the lights!

The Meross Smart Light Switch features a crisp white rocker design, and connects to your home network via Wi-Fi. Once connected, this switch can be controlled via Siri, and it works with HomeKit automations.

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