Meross launches a HomeKit-enabled smart night light for the nursery

Meross Cherub Baby Machine and app
Meross Cherub Baby Machine and app (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • A new HomeKit compatible night light is available from Meross.
  • The Meross Smart Baby Night Light combines colorful lighting and soothing sounds.
  • Smart accessory is available for purchase on Amazon for $59.99.

After a wave of HomeKit-enabled product releases last year, Meross appears to have dropped its first HomeKit accessory of 2021 on Friday, the Smart Baby Night Light. As its name suggests, the newest accessory is tailored for the nursery with smart lighting controls and "soothing sounds".

  • VOICE CONTROL: You can control your baby night light hands free, just give voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, SmartThings.
  • ALL IN ONE: White sound machine, and time-to-rise in one device, control from your smartphone. Set programs to turn off and on automatically based on the sleep schedule.
  • NO DISTURB NIGHT LIGHT:The baby sound machine provides soft light for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschooler.
  • SOOTHING YOUR CHILD: Help child sleep more easily. 11 expert recommended soothing sounds for babies, toddlers and kids, including Fan, White Noise, Rain, Lullaby, Ocean Wave, Thunder, River, Bird, Forest, Music Box and Crystal Ball sound.
  • TIME TO RISE: Uses colors to teach your kids when it's time for bed and time to wake up. Let the kid learn to stay in bed longer.

Meross Cherub Baby Machine Colors

Meross Cherub Baby Machine Colors (Image credit: Amazon)

The latest HomeKit release appears to be an upgraded version of the Meross Cherub Baby Machine which only supported Alexa and the Google Assistant previously. Despite combining a sound machine and smart colorful lighting into one, the new night light is incredibly compact with a footprint of just 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches, and sports on-device controls with a unique knob on top that adjusts brightness levels with a spin.

Meross Cherub Baby Machine Controls

Meross Cherub Baby Machine Controls (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's listing for the HomeKit version doesn't list exact specifications for some key features, however, the previous model was rated at 200 lumens peak brightness, offered 2700-6500K RGB lighting, and featured sound levels between 65-85 decibels. The night light includes a total of 11 unique sounds, including a lullaby, rain, thunderstorm, fan, white noise, and ocean waves.

Just like previous Meross products, the new night light connects directly to home networks via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi without the need for a hub, and it should pair right out of the box with the Home app — at least for lighting. Since HomeKit doesn't have a category for sound machines currently, audio controls will most likely be limited to the Meross app.

The Meross Smart Baby Night Light is available now at Amazon for $59.99 with Prime shipping available. However, as we have seen with other previous Meross HomeKit product launches, the company is currently offering a discount for the latest accessory which takes an additional 20% off when you clip the coupon on the Amazon listing.

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