Iphone 12 Pro Ios 15 Messages Photo StackSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

What you need to know

  • A bug in iOS 15 is deleting photos from people's libraries.
  • It happens when you save a photo from a thread in Messages.
  • Deleting that thread and then performing a backup to iCloud seems to delete the photos.

A worrisome bug in iOS 15 appears to be deleting user's photo from their libraries if they delete the thread the photo was saved from in Messages.

MacRumors reports:

A serious bug in the iOS 15 Messages app can cause some saved photos to be deleted, according to multiple complaints we've heard from MacRumors readers and Twitter users.

According to the report, if you receive a photo in messages and then save it to your photo library, deleting the thread it came from will lead to the photo disappearing if you back your phone up to iCloud. The photos remain in your iCloud Photo Library when the thread is deleted, however, they appear to then disppear once you perform an iCloud backup.

Most iCloud backups happen automatically so this could happen without warning. This is likely a software bug that can be fixed by Apple in a future update, however the obvious solution in the meantime is to ensure you don't delete any threads in Messages if you think there's a risk you might lose photos you've saved.


Apple added some new photo features to iOS 15 for Apple's best iPhones such as the iPhone 13, such as using Live Text to recognize text in photos and using Spotlight to search photos by location and more. Apple also updated Memories with a new interface and features.