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What you need to know

  • A Michigan woman was alerted to an unusually high heart rate after she'd had a heart attack without realizing it.
  • The woman is now doing fine after having a stent fitted.

A Norton Shores, Michigan woman has credited her Apple Watch with detecting a heart condition after she had a heart attack without realizing it. The woman's heart rate was 169 beats per minute despite not having carried out any exercise.

According to local reports, Diane Feenstra's Apple Watch noticed the high heart rate and it was only then that she realized something was amiss. Having previously ignored the pain in her shoulder and left hand as well as chest pain, the woman called her doctor. She was sent for an EKG which is when the severity of the situation was made clear.

After days of analysis it was determined she had a full blockage in what's known as the Widow maker artery.

A stent procedure was done and today she is thriving.

"The heart is building up it's stamina and I am so happy," said Feenstra.

The Apple Watch was a gift from the woman's husband who she had also given an Apple Watch to a month prior. It's fair to say that's one birthday gift that has already repaid the investment.

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