Miitopia for Nintendo Switch: Tips and tricks

Miitopia Horse Victory
Miitopia Horse Victory (Image credit: iMore)

Miitopia is the most recent addition to Nintendo's list of ports from the Nintendo 3DS onto the Nintendo Switch. A classic JRPG, it sees you carry out the typical task of saving the world, but with a twist — YOU get to decide who the cast is! Every person in the game is a Mii, so you can decide whether you want to team up with friends or even celebrities to defeat the Dark Lord.

If you, like many, are looking to do this in the most efficient way possible, be sure to check out these handy tips and tricks!

Explore the land of Miitopia!

Miitopia Path Branch (Image credit: iMore)

Sometimes, paths in different areas in Miitopia can branch off. These paths can vary in difficulty, feature chests that contain gold, amongst other things. If you so desire, you can enter any given area as many times as you want. When journeying across the land, make sure you leave no stone uncovered. You may even come across a hidden chest that contains just the weapon you're looking for!

Make sure you eat!

Miitopia Food Grub (Image credit: iMore)

Each time you leave an area, you get the opportunity to rest your weary bones at an inn. Here you regain any lost Hit Points (HP), Magic Points (MP), and can purchase more clothing, weapons, and snacks for your team. One of the most important aspects of the game is ensuring that all of your Miis are adequately fed. Not only does this keep them happy, but it also allows for you to give them stat boosts!

Miis have stats for HP, MP, Attack, Magic, Defence, and Speed. Different foods will buff different stats, which is indicated by a yellow highlight over that stat. Your Miis, just like humans in the real world, all have opinions about different kinds of food. Miis can be content with, like, love, dislike, or hate foods, affecting how their stats are boosted. The more your Mii likes a certain food, the more that stat will go up! Make sure you give your Miis foods that they like while keeping their jobs in mind. A mage, for example, would benefit more from foods that boost MP or Magic. And if you're indecisive, you can press the X button to serve food to your Miis at random!

Grind away to get more food!

Miitopia Food Victory (Image credit: iMore)

If you're low on food, go on the grind! Your primary source of food comes from defeating enemies. On occasion, you'll encounter NPCs that give you some food along your journey. You can also find food in chests around the world or through the Roulette game at the Arcade. If you have the Thief job, you can even steal some snacks from enemies during battle.

Maintain your relationships!

Miitopia Beach Outing Relationship (Image credit: iMore)

As with any band of travelers, the relationships between your Miis will develop over time. At the inn, you can place Miis in rooms together, which increases this relationship. Your Miis can even form a bond with your party's horse if you place a Mii in the horse stall! Even during battle, Miis can increase their bond if they assist each other by giving each other snacks (either HP Bananas or MP Candies) or checking up on them after they get hurt.

However, like friends often do, Miis can quarrel! Similar to the "Affection" stat that raises to improve relationships, a "Resentment" stat raises when two Miis' relationship is negatively affected. This prevents them from using their relationship perks in battle and can even impair their battling skills if they're too focused on hating each other. Ensure that any quarreling Miis sleep in the same room at the inn to work out their differences.

Miitopia Quarrel (Image credit: iMore)

Players who wish to improve their Miis' relationships even further can use Outing Tickets or Jolly Jaunt Tickets to send two Miis sharing a room at the inn off on an outing or vacation. Depending on the quality of the tickets, their relationship can improve quite a lot!

Play in the arcade!

Miitopia Arcade (Image credit: iMore)

At the inn, there's an arcade where you can play one of two games: Roulette and Rock, Paper, Scissors. The Roulette allows for you to receive four items from a pool of several: a snack, a weapon, armor, some experience points (EXP), or Jolly Jaunt Tickets. Each time you arrive at an inn, the odds of receiving one of the four randomly selected items will change. If you see an item with a really high chance of being selected, spend an Arcade Ticket to play! But don't be afraid to hold off until you see something good. Make sure you check the Roulette to see if any good armor or weapons are on offer before you give your Miis money to take to the store. If you receive a second piece of armor or a weapon by mistake, you can always sell it.

The other game at the arcade is Rock, Paper, Scissors. Here players compete against a robot in the classic triangular game. It costs one Arcade Ticket to play, and the player will receive 500 G if they win. Players can choose to up the stake and wager their winnings for double their money. Winning twice in a row will grant you 1000 G, three times in a row nets you 2000 G, and so on. However, be careful! If you lose after wagering your winnings, you will walk away with nothing at all. Sometimes it's good to learn to quit while you're ahead!

Make that money!

Miitopia Money (Image credit: iMore)

Money, or rather, G, makes the world go 'round. If you don't know how to earn more money, you can always grind. You can go through areas you previously ventured through or find money in chests. Money can even be found buried underground in random events! Sometimes NPCs can ask you to go on quests, so you can try and complete some jobs for the rewards. Certain enemies can also give you lots of cash, like Gold Snurps. You'll find them from time to time on the overworld. Defeating them will grant you a big fat cash reward, which you can use to buy new weapons and armor!

Choose jobs that play to your strengths!

Miitopia Jobs (Image credit: iMore)

Each Mii in your party can have one of six personalities: Kind, Energetic, Laid-back, Cool, Stubborn, Air-headed, and Cautious. Each personality comes with its own set of quirks which can give them certain boosts in battle. Kind Miis can give other party members a snack if they need one, and Stubborn Miis can attack enemies twice if they aren't satisfied with their performance the first time around. Make sure the jobs you choose for your Miis best suit their personalities, using our Miitopia Personality Guide!

Make use of the Safe Spot!

Miitopia Safe Spot (Image credit: iMore)

Now and again, an enemy may use an attack that deeply affects your Mii's emotions. Sometimes they will start crying so hard that they miss any enemies they try to hit or are too petrified to move a muscle. Cases like these call for the Safe Spot, a little corner within the battlefield where your Miis can compose themselves. The Safe Spot can cure any status ailment (outside of a fainted Mii, of course) and will replenish your HP and MP as well. If your Miis are running low on HP or MP, you can place them in the Safe Spot to rest up a bit!

Sprinkle your Miis until they feel better!

Miitopia Sprinkles (Image credit: iMore)

Forget modern medicine; Sprinkles are in! During battle or out in the field, you can use Sprinkles on your Miis, depending on what they need. There are HP Sprinkles, MP Sprinkles, and Life Sprinkles for when your Miis faint during battle. You only have a set number of Sprinkles per area, as they're re-filled every time you visit an inn. If you're fighting a tough enemy and you need some healing, try the Safe Spot! As you defeat more enemies and free more faces, your capacity for Sprinkles will increase. All the more motivation to go out and explore and defeat those pesky enemies!

Save the kingdom!

While Miitopia isn't exactly the "Dark Souls of JRPGs," it's always nice to go in prepared. As long as you pay attention to your Miis' needs and treat them the way you would your friends, you'll be alright. It is one of the best Nintendo Switch games, after all. Now go out there and defeat that pesky Dark Lord so that peace can be brought back to Miitopia!

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