Miitopia personality guide: Which personality should I play as?

Miitopia Bar Outing
Miitopia Bar Outing (Image credit: iMore)

What sets Miitopia apart from other role-playing games on the Nintendo Switch is the fact that you get to choose how your party members look, as well as what kind of person they are. This feature makes it incredibly entertaining to insert your friends, family or other persons of interest into your game, and watch as they interact with each other. Miitopia definitely takes the concept of games like Miitomo or Tomodachi Life and gives players the opportunity to have more of a say in what happens.

What are the personality types?

There are seven personality types in Miitopia, each with their own mannerisms that affect the gameplay and party relationships.

  • Kind
  • Energetic
  • Laid-back
  • Cool
  • Stubborn
  • Air-headed
  • Cautious

What do personality types do?

Each personality type has a series of "quirks" that affect both the Mii and their party members in and out of battle.

When actions positively affect two Miis' relationship, it raises their "Affection" stat. If an action negatively affects the relationship between two Miis, it raises their "Resentment" stat. Raised Affection leads to an increase in relationship depth, which comes with perks. A raised Resentment stat can eventually lead to a quarrel, which inhibits both Miis' ability to battle.


Miitopia Mii Present

Miitopia Mii Present (Image credit: iMore)

Kind Miis look out for their party members, and put their friends before themselves.

In-battle actions

  • Spare — Miis can plead with monsters and allow them to leave the battle. However, the party will not receive any experience points or grub from that monster. If the Mii can't convince the monster to leave, it will attack the Mii, resulting in a random party Mii having their Resentment raised.
  • Cover — If another Mii is about to be fainted by a monster's attack, the Kind Mii will sometimes step in and take the blow for them. This will result in both Miis gaining Affection points.
  • Donate — Kind Miis can offer one of their HP Bananas or MP Candies to another party member who needs it.

Out-of-battle actions

Kind Miis will shake in fear when a Mii's face is being put on a monster. It has not been confirmed, but some users have also noticed that Kind Miis often try to break up quarrels between other Miis.


Miitopia Air Energetic

Miitopia Air Energetic (Image credit: iMore)

Energetic Miis can be hyper and don't tire easily.

In-battle actions

  • Charge — Energetic Miis can be a bit too enthusiastic when attacking, which results in dealing a bit of damage to themselves. The payoff is that monsters get extra damage dealt to them.
  • Cheer — Energetic Miss can cheer their party members on if they don't have enough MP to perform a task. This results in the cheered Mii finding the motivation to complete the task, replenish some of their MP. Both Miis then gain relationship points.
  • Hang On — If an Energetic Mii is about to be hit by a blow that will faint them, they can sometimes "hang on" and the blow will leave them with 1 HP remaining, instead of 0.

Out-of-battle actions

Energetic Miis will drink from a bottle containing unknown fluid, unless they've decided that it "smells funny". When drinking water, they will gulp it down without stopping.


Miitopia Laid Back Mii

Miitopia Laid Back Mii (Image credit: iMore)

Laid-back Miis tend to be nonchalant, and can easily shake things off.

In-battle actions

  • Hide — Before being attacked by a monster, Laid-back Miis can hide behind another Mii, causing their party member to take the hit instead. This results in those Miis' Resentement levels being raised.
  • Cadge — If a Laid-back Mii is in need of HP Bananas or MP Candies and has none in their stash, they will steal one from a fellow party member and immediately use it. Resentment levels will be raised between these Miis, which can result in a quarrel.
  • Get Serious — Sometimes a Laid-back Mii can be unusually focused, dealing as much damage to an enemy as they would if 3 other party members were helping them out. If they are healing, they can replenish more HP or MP than usual.
  • Slack Off — The opposite of Getting Serious, sometimes a Laid-back Mii will choose to conserve MP which will allow them to perform an action with half the MP, but result in said action only doing half the damage.
  • Nah — Laid-back Miis can sometimes shake off a status effect a monster is attempting to inflict on them by simply being uninterested.

Out-of-battle actions

Laid-back Miis, upon finding digging spots outside of battle, will often stop digging for treasure if it's not uncovered by the first attempt.


Miitopia Personalities Cool

Miitopia Personalities Cool (Image credit: iMore)

Does this need an explanation? They're "2 kool 4 skool."

In-battle actions

  • Pressure Point — Sometimes Cool Miis will aim for an enemy's weak point, dealing more damage than usual.
  • Avoid — Cool Miis will sometimes jump out of harm's way if a monster tries to land a physical attack, resulting in them not taking any damage.
  • Shan't — Cool Miis sometimes will refuse to cover a party member if they try to hide behind the Cool Mii.
  • Indifference — Identical to the "Nah" of Laid-back Miis, Cool Miis can also be unaffected by a monster's status effect.

Out-of-battle actions

Cool Miis will, like Laid-back Miis, give up after one attempt at digging up buried treasure.


Miitopia Stubborn Mii

Miitopia Stubborn Mii (Image credit: iMore)

Stubborn Miis don't give up easily, and definitely need to get things right.

In-battle actions

  • Patience — In anticipation of an attack, Stubborn Miis can brace for impact, taking half of the damage they normally would.
  • Again — Stubborn Miis are sometimes dissatisfied with the amount of damage dealt by an attack and will attack the enemy again.
  • Bluff — If an ally is trying to help a Stubborn Mii, they will sometimes refuse their assistance. This can sometimes result in the Mii who offered help building their Resentment towards the Stubborn Mii.

Out-of-battle actions

Stubborn Miis will continue digging without stopping until they receive buried treasure. They will also immediately discard any bottles with unknown liquids in them.


Miitopia Air Headed

Miitopia Air Headed (Image credit: iMore)

Air-headed Miis can get distracted, and are often living in their own world.

In-battle actions

  • Oops! — Sometimes an Air-headed Mii will accidentally attack the wrong target. The benefit of this quirk is that the mistaken enemy's guard will be lowered, and they will take 1.5x the damage.
  • Frolic — Air-headed Miis will sometimes choose to use their turn to galavant with an enemy instead of attacking. Though no damage is done, the enemy will also not attack anyone, and the Air-headed Mii can still assist their party members.
  • Sleepyhead — Air-headed Miis will sometimes decide to sleep during a turn to re-gain health instead of fighting.

Out-of-battle actions

Air-headed Miis will drink water and any unknown liquids immediately, unless they say it "smells funny". This will then allow the player to decide whether or not they drink it.


Miitopia Cautious Mii

Miitopia Cautious Mii (Image credit: iMore)

Cautious Miis are calculated and can be nervous about performing.

In-battle actions

  • Finisher — The ever-calculated Cautious Mii will sometimes decide to finish off a monster.
  • Warm Up — In order to be prepared, a Cautious Mii will endeavour to do some stretches and wait until the end of their turn to attack. Their attacks during this time will deal twice as much damage.
  • Prepped and Ready — If a Cautious Mii is in need of a snack and has none on hand, they will sometimes pull one out of nowhere, citing that they prepared for this exact situation.

Out-of-battle actions

Cautious Miis will refuse to drink anything out of an unknown bottle.

Which personalities suit which jobs?

  • Kind — Support classes like the Cleric, Popstar, and Chef work great with Kind personalities. Not only do Kind Miis focus more on healing than attacking, they also have the perk of donating HP Bananas and MP Candies to those in need.
  • Energetic — Attacking classes like the Warrior are great Energetic candidates, as they tend to be aggressive. Focusing on HP-boosting foods is recommended to offset the HP loss from the "Charge" quirk.
  • Laid-back — Attacking classes like the Thief benefit from being Laid-back. The Thief is able to steal snacks from enemies, which is great because Laid-back Miis tend to consume more snacks.
  • Cool — Attacking classes like the Warrior benefit from the Cool personality. Avoid using healing classes like the Cleric for Cool as attack-heavy classes can benefit most from the "Weak Point" quirk.
  • Stubborn — Similarly to the Cool personality, Attack-focused classes do well with being Stubborn. as they can block attacks and also have the chance of attacking twice.
  • Air-headed — There isn't any sort of special class that works best with this personality type. Due to their tendency to sleep during battles and distract enemies, avoid assigning this personality to a Mii on whom you rely on to carry a battle.
  • Cautious — Jobs that rely on both Support and Attack, some of which will appear as you progress in the game, work great with this personality type. The extra snack stash to boost HP and MP, the "Finisher" quirk that quickly eliminates monsters and their prep work that makes attacks more powerful makes it so that Cautious Miis can make a battle that much more smooth.

Miitopia is definitely the JRPG for those who want a more light-hearted game. Balancing different job classes with different personalities ensures that everyone has their own experience that's equal parts unique and wacky. If you're the type to role-play with your in-game characters, this is definitely one of the best games for you.

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