MobileMe Says Sorry About 'Push', Gives 30 Free Days

Vindication! Well, kind of. Our MobileMe is still having problems but at least Apple admits that the transition from .Mac to MobileMe was "rocky" by sending an e-mail/apology letter to all MobileMe users. Billed as Exchange for the rest of us, MobileMe is still having problems with syncing, calendar, duplicate messages, etc. Not quite that Blackberry killer we envisioned.

Also, Apple will stop using the word push to describe MobileMe until syncing is "near-instant" on Mac and PCs like it is for the iPhone and Web Apps. Not that "15 minute" version of push it currently is. Either way, Apple is begging (read: bribing) for your forgiveness with a free 30 day extension to all current subscribers.

It's good to see Apple admit mistake and take care of their customers, but I'm fairly certain most of us would have rather had a product that 'just works'. Unreliability, problems, and false promises are for the folks over in Redmond, this is supposed to be Apple right?

Thanks for the tip Cherryhead25!

Read on for MobileMe's full apology letter!

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  • Ya know, a million and one people will still complain about Apple and the improper wording of the initial advertisements and whatnot, and they will say this move isn't "enough," but this says a lot to me. As a sales rep by profession, I know the value of building relationships, and that is what Apple does. Sure, I am not disillusioned enough to think I am more than just a money paying customer in their eyes when all is said and done, but they know the value of admitting mistakes and trying to make up for it. That right there makes me want to do business with them, because no matter how small it is, it makes me feel like I am at least partially cared about.
    This email is case in point, and it goes a long way with me. I was tempted to cancel MobileMe before my trial even ran out; not because of the Mac to Cloud delay, because I honestly don't care about that, but because of the bugs on the Web Apps with not reading calendars, duplicating mail when deleting, and a few other things. This email from Apple admitting they are having problems and that they are trying to remedy it changed my mind.
    While it may not be the same kind of close relationship building I shoot for with my clients, it is still the same concept, and it is more than most major corporations will do. Bravo.
  • One other thing...
    I agree with Casey, I would prefer a product that "just works" over an apology. I do, however, understand the massive undertaking Apple has been fighting head-on the past week or so, and I understand bugs are possible. Considering we are dealing with version 1.0 type stuff, it is unrealistic to expect perfection.
    Unlike many other tech companies that would have just taken the attitude of "deal with it while we fix it," Apple is taking a higher road, and that is far better a path in my eyes.