MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand review: Seamless convenience for MacBook Air

Every day, I seem to spend several hours straight on the computer, as do many of you. It's necessary for me to get my work done, but I end up sitting and even slouching in my chair for hours, which is terrible for you in the long run. But it's relatable, right? The best way to alleviate this is to have your computer screen at an acceptable height, so you don't end up looking down, or slouching over, or whatever other bad habits you end up with by being in front of a computer all day.

To get your laptops up to a good height, you'll need a stand. But what if you end up doing a lot of traveling, or you prefer to work outside of the house? While you can bring a laptop stand with you everywhere, some stands just add bulk to your bag and are just another item you need to carry around with you.

Not MOFT's "Invisible" Laptop Stand. This is a unique product that attaches to the bottom of your laptop via a reusable adhesive and folds out when you need to give your laptop a little lift. Let's take a look.


  • Inexpensive and convenient
  • Barely noticeable
  • Folds out to two elevations
  • Adhesive is reusable
  • No need for separate laptop stand


  • Laptop wobbles a bit when stand isn't in use
  • Not flat with computer when carried around, flaps
  • Typing on laptop keyboard is harder due to slant
  • Takes practice to quickly switch between heights

If you often travel with your laptop but worry about posture issues, this stand definitely helps without adding extra bulk.

Barely noticeable but incredibly helpful

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand: Features

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand high elevation

When I first received the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand, it came in a simple sleeve package. I pulled it out of the sleeve and it was wrapped in plastic. Remove the plastic and you'll get the thin and flat MOFT Laptop Stand. That's it—the packaging is simple and to the point. If, however, you haven't seen the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand at work on their website or on Amazon, you may be a bit confused on what the best installation method is. There are no instructions that come in the packaging.

When you unwrap the stand from the plastic wrapping, you'll want to first align it with the bottom of your laptop. It's a simple affair, and it should be used only on laptops with no air vents on the bottom. Just place your closed laptop upside down on a flat surface with the hinge upward, and then gently place the MOFT Laptop Stand (make sure you've peeled the plastic off the adhesive part) as close to the hinge as possible, while also keeping it fairly centered. Then just push down a bit on the MOFT, and it should stick and be secure on the bottom of your laptop.

MacBook Air 2018 with MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

Once it's on, you just fold it out to your preferred viewing height. With my Macbook Air, it usually folds easily to the 3-inch height, where it appears folded inwards. If you prefer the lower 2-inch height, just push it outwards and voilá! It takes a bit of practice to easily switch between the heights, but it's great that there are two options to choose from.

The high elevation (3-inch) is better when you're sitting, while the low setting (2-inch) is better for use with a standing desk. However, these are not set in stone by any means—just use whichever height feels more comfortable to you.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand low elevation

MOFT claims that the stand has built-in magnets to help keep the stand in place when not in use, but that doesn't appear to be the case with my unit. It seems to "flap" around or hang if I'm just holding my MacBook Air horizontally.

Another nice thing about the MOFT Laptop Stand is that it uses an adhesive that is easily removable, so you can take it off at any time if you don't need it. The adhesive leaves behind no residue, so you don't have a sticky mess to deal with. If you want to reattach the MOFT Laptop Stand back to your laptop, it can be done multiple times with the adhesive remaining as strong as the first use.

Despite the thinness (only 3mm thick) and the weight (3-ounces), the MOFT is surprisingly strong. It can support up to 19-pounds and works with laptops up to 15.6-inches in size.

You'll mostly forget that it's there

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand: What I Like

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand flat on bottom

At home, I have an older 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro sitting in a Roost Laptop Stand. I love this stand, and it's one of my favorite MacBook accessories, but it's annoying to carry with me when I want to work out of the house. I usually just end up working with my MacBook Air on a flat surface when I'm out-and-about, but I miss the elevated view you get when the laptop is in a stand because without one, I'm just looking downward.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand flat and going into VERO Sleeve

I've been enjoying the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand for the past few weeks because it is not noticeable at all while it's installed on my MacBook Air. It also fits with my VERO Sleeve from Waterfield Designs. In fact, I often forget that I have the MOFT stand on my computer. It lives up to the "Invisible" part of its name, which I like, and it doesn't affect compatibility with sleeves and bags. I mean, what's not to like?

I got the "Jean Grey" color, which matches my Space Gray MacBook Air 2018 quite nicely. It comes in a total of four color options, including a nice pink color that I wish I had. Regardless of your laptop choice, there's a color of MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand to suit everyone.

Wobble wobble

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand: What I Don't Like

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand hanging

When you're not using the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand in one of its standing positions, it's quite noticeable. If you want to use your laptop flat on a table, the MOFT makes it wobbly if you push down on either side of it. It's not detrimental to use of your laptop, especially if you're typing, but it's just worth noting.

I also notice that while they claim that there are built-in magnets to help keep the MOFT in place when you're moving your laptop around, mine doesn't seem to stay flat. If I lift my computer from the table or hold it horizontally, the MOFT seems to hang off, flapping away. It's not a big deal that affects how I use it, but just a minor inconvenience.

One last thing I noticed while using the MOFT is that while my posture feels improved, I tend to get more pain in my wrists while typing (that darn carpal tunnel), due to the angled keyboard. I much prefer my keyboard to be flat, so I think using the MOFT with something like a Bluetooth keyboard is better suited for my needs.

A convenient laptop stand that's mostly out of the way

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand: The Bottom Line

If you often work in a mobile setup and need a laptop stand but don't want another item to carry around, then the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand is great. It's super thin and lightweight, making it mostly unnoticeable while it's installed, and won't interfere with your favorite sleeves and bags. It has two elevation levels for sitting and standing desks, and it is easily removable if need be. Just watch out for cramped wrists while typing, and the wobbly-ness if you want to use your laptop flat on a table.

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