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What you need to know

  • Monster Hunter Rise is an action-packed adventure where players take on colossal beasts.
  • The game has been supported continuously since launch with new quests and content.
  • The latest 3.1.0 update has gone live with new content and bug fixes.

Capcom has announced in their latest blog post that the latest update for Monster Hunter Rise, the 3.1.0 update, is now live on the Nintendo Switch. While the majority of the update is comprised of bug fixes to improve user performance, some new quests and rewards are now available.

These new event quests will be available every week and come with new rewards, such as layered armor, new gestures and sticker sets. To receive them, update your game and speak to Senri the Mailman in the Kamura Village square and select "Add-on content".

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The new DLC available in the Nintendo eShop includes:

  • Two Hunter voices: Kagero the Merchant and Rondline the Trader — $2.99 USD each
  • Two Cohoot outfits: "Summery Sailor" and "Puffy Penguin" — $0.99 USD each
  • "Kamura Village: Summer Remix" Background music — $3.99 USD
  • "Floral Mask" Hunter layered armor piece — $1.49 USD
  • "Floral Yukata" Hunter layered armor piece — $1.49 USD
  • "Floral Sleeves" Hunter layered armor piece — $1.49 USD
  • "Floral Zori" Hunter layered armor piece — $1.49 USD
  • "F Floral Yukata" Palico layered armor piece — $1.99 USD
  • "C Floral Yukata" Palamute layered armor piece — $1.99 USD
  • "Traditional Dance" gesture set — $3.99 USD
  • "Cursed Flame" face paint — $0.99 USD
  • "Third Eye" face paint — $0.99 USD
  • "Bob with Hairband" hairstyle — $1.49 USD

As with all previous DLC, players can save money by purchasing the Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 4 for $24.99.

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Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter's gameplay loop is equal parts challenging and addictive. Take on quests to hunt a wide variety of amazingly designed monsters on your own or with friends as you protect the peaceful Kamura village from the impending doom that is the Rampage.

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