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Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun: Best builds, attacks, tips, and tricks

Mhr Heavy Bowgun Lying Down
Mhr Heavy Bowgun Lying Down (Image credit: iMore)

Having trouble deciding which of the 14 weapon types you should use in Monster Hunter Rise? There's definitely a lot to choose from, but the game's complexity is part of what makes it one of the best Nintendo Switch games you can play.

If you like the idea of staying away from the fray and shooting powerful rounds from a distance, then you should consider the Heavy Bowgun. It even has the ability to shoot special explosive ammo for high-damage results. Let's dive into the Heavy Bowgun's attacks, Silkbind Skills, and our recommended armor builds.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun fighting style

Mhr Heavy Bowgun Aiming (Image credit: iMore)

The Heavy Bowgun is a powerful long-range weapon. It even has special ammo that can explode to deal a great amount of damage. It's similar to the Light Bowgun but differs in that it shoots slower, is more powerful, but doesn't have as much mobility.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun controls

ALoad Special Ammo
Hold L + X or BSelect Ammo
X + AMelee Attack
  • Reload: Reloads the selected ammo. Hold X to reload all ammo in sequence.
  • Load Special Ammo: Allows for the firing of special ammo. Press A again to unload it, allowing it to regenerate.
  • Charged Shot: Charged Shot powers up as you hold down the button. A Longer charge means a stronger shot.
  • Counter Shot: A Silkbind attack that allows you to absorb an attack without taking damage. Follow up by pressing ZR to fire. (Wirebug Guage cost: 2)
  • Free Silkbind Glide: A Silkbind attack activated by pressing R + A. Uses a Wirebug to hurl you forward. Press X + A to follow up with a melee attack or Y to follow up with a quick sheathe.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun combos

Unlike other weapons, the Heavy Bowgun does not have any combos.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Silkbind Attacks

Silkbind AttacksFunction
R + AFree Silkbind Glide: You'll move around, causing damage, push the joystick in the direction you want to go. Pressing the corresponding button lets you perform a close-range attack or sheathe your weapon.
R + XCounter Shot: Take a stance while throwing silk into the ground. If you're hit while in this stance, you'll launch into a counterattack.
R + XCounter Charge: You absorb an incoming monster attack without getting hurt. Doing this successfully also makes it, so you don't have to wait as long to do a Charged Shot.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Switch Skills

Each weapon in Monster Hunter Rise has unique Switch Skills, so-called because you can have one of two skills activated for each attack at a time.

AttackSwitch Skills
Silkbind AttackCounter Shot: You absorb a monster's attack without taking damage and can follow up with a counterattack. (Wirebug recovers at a fast speed).
Counter Charger: You absorb a monster's attack without taking damage, and this reduces the time it takes for a Charged Shot. (Wirebug Gauge recovers at medium speed).
Regular AttackMech-Wyvernsnipe: You fire a special shot. Keep an eye on the ammo gauge as it replenishes after a while.
Healing Mech-Wyvernsnipe: You fire a special shot. Keep an eye on the ammo gauge as it replenishes after a while. Your hits will do less damage to monsters, but they'll also help heal you.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Best Builds

Mhr Heavy Bowgun Standing (Image credit: iMore)

As always, the best builds are a matter of opinion. I prefer to wear gear that offers plenty of defense. Here are the builds that will help compliment the Heavy Bowgun's abilities.

Best Builds for 2 Star Quests

AreaBest equipment
WeaponIron Assault II
HeadIzuchi Helm
ChestHunter's Mail
ArmsAlloy Vambraces
WaistAlloy Coil
LegsBaggi Greaves

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -4
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -5
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 3
  • Water Attack Lvl 1

Best Builds for 4 Star Quests

AreaBest equipment
WeaponRapidcaster II
HeadBarroth Helm
ChestTetranadon Mail
ArmsTetranadon Braces
WaistAlloy Coil
LegsBarroth Greaves

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 83
  • Fire: -9
  • Water: 6
  • Thunder: 1
  • Ice: -1
  • Dragon: 0
  • Attack Boost Lvl 1
  • Critical Eye Lvl 1
  • Normal/Rapid Up Lvl 1
  • Water Attack Lvl 1
  • Guard Lvl 1
  • Special Ammo Boost Lvl 1

Best Builds for Endgame

AreaBest equipment
WeaponDespot's Paroxysm
HeadTetranadon Helm S
ChestTetranadon Mail S
ArmsRathalos Braces S
WaistRathalos Coil S
LegsTetranadon Greaves S

Stats & Skills for this build:

  • Defense: 245
  • Fire: 4
  • Water: 15
  • Thunder: -9
  • Ice: 6
  • Dragon: -5
  • Normal/Rapid Up Lvl 3
  • Attack Boost Lvl 4
  • Speed Eater Lvl 1
  • Windproof Lvl 1
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1
  • Hunger Resistance Lvl 1

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Best Skills

Mhr Heavy Bowgun Pose (Image credit: iMore)

As you create your builds and get further into the game, we recommend obtaining these skills.

SkillWhat it does
Normal/Rapid UpMakes it, so the attack increases for the Heavy Bowgun's regular ammo. Basically, a DPS increase.
Ammo UpMakes it so you can carry more ammo and don't have to reload as much.
GuardSince the Heavy Bowgun cannot guard very well, Guard helps reduce stamina usage and the risk of getting knocked back while guarding.
Spare ShotWith this skill, you'll sometimes fire off a shot without actually using your ammo. Considering how much ammo the Heavy Bowgun uses, this can be really useful.

Things are about to get heavy

If you want to be a powerhouse, but don't want to do so from a safe distance, then the Heavy Bowgun is the right choice for you. It doesn't have the best evasive abilities nor the best guarding options, so you'll want to acquire helpful gear to up those areas. If nothing else, it sure is satisfying letting that explosive special ammo rip.

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