Monster Hunter Rise: How to capture monsters

Mhr Capture Monster
Mhr Capture Monster (Image credit: iMore)

There are so many awesome monsters to fight in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to defeat them faster, it helps to capture them with the aid of tranqs and traps rather than killing them. Just make sure to have the proper materials necessary to craft your capture items.

You should also consider which of the 14 weapon types you prefer to use when capturing beasts. All of the various fighting and capturing options definitely contribute to what makes this one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there.

Why would I want to capture a monster instead of kill it?

Capturing a monster is faster than killing it, so if you're short on time it's a great way to complete your hunt. However, there are some materials that can only be looted from a monster by breaking parts, which you'll need to do first before you capture (Partbreaker armor skill is excellent to speed this up). However, if you choose to not capture and want to kill a monster, you'll have more opportunities to break specific parts before the hunt is over.

If you're after a specific item, you'll want to check the Monsters page within your Hunter's Notes to see how best to acquire that item.

How to craft tranqs and traps for capturing monsters

There are two main parts to crafting capture items, having the proper items to craft, and then actually crafting tranqs and traps.

1. Have the proper materials for crafting your items

You'll need to have the required materials in order to craft tranqs and traps. Stop by Kagero the Merchant in the center of the village and make sure to purchase the items you need. Here's what it takes to craft the various traps and tranqs:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
ItemFunctionRequired for crafting
Shock TrapA trap that immobilizes a target.Trap Tool x1
Thunderbug x1
Pitfall TrapA trap for catching certain large monstersTrap Tool x1
Net x1
Tranq BombA bomb used to capture monsters ensnared in traps. Can be used in various waysSleep Herb x1
Parashroom x1
Drugged MeatRaw meat that puts whatever eats it to sleep.Raw Meat x1
Sleep Herb x1

Help from a friend:

Mhr Capture Monster Argosy Bugs (Image credit: iMore)

Since I'm always taking Shock Traps with me on quests, I need to maintain a steady supply of Thunderbugs. To do that, I've assigned one of my Palicos to a Trade Request at the Argosy specifically to look for those insects. When I come back from a quest, I check with Rondine and exchange Kamura Points for the items my Palico has found.

2. Crafting from your Item Pouch

This is where you'll want to craft if you need a tranq or trap on you right now. In order to craft in your Item Pouch, you will need the required materials to also be in your Item Pouch.

Note that you can only carry one Trap and eight Tranqs in your Item Pouch at a time.

  1. Press the + button on your controller to open your menu.
  2. Select Crafting ListSource: iMore

Mhr Crafting Item Pouch Plus Button (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Crafting Item Pouch Crafting List (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Press the R button twice to scroll to the Trap/Offense Tab.
  2. Press the right side of the D-Pad to go to Page 2.Source: iMore

Mhr Crafting R Button Twice (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Crafting Page (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Scroll down to the item you want to craft and press A.
  2. Select Craft.Source: iMore

Mhr Crafting Scroll Down (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Crafting Item Pouch Craft (Image credit: iMore)

3. Crafting from your Item Box

This is where you want to put tranqs and traps that you'd like to access later.

  1. Run up to an Item Box and interact with it.
  2. Select Manage Items.Source: iMore

Mhr Crafting Standing At Item Box (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Manage Items (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Select Crafting List.
  2. Press the R button twice to get to the Traps/Offense tab.Source: iMore

Mhr Press Crafting List (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Crafting Standing Traps Offense Tab (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Press in the Right side of the D-Pad to get to page 2.
  2. Scroll down to the item you want to craft and Press A.Source: iMore

Mhr R Button Twice (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Crafting Scroll Down (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Select Craft. Now that new item will be waiting for you in your Item Box.

Mhr Crafting Craft (Image credit: iMore)

How to capture monsters

Mhr Capture Monster Monster Captured (Image credit: iMore)

Before heading out on a quest, make sure you have tranqs and traps available in your item box or your item pouch.

  1. Track down your monster and fight until it's decently wounded. You'll know it's ready for capture when it starts limping, drooling, or generally looks tired. Additionally, keep an eye out for a blue icon that shows up in the top right corner of the screen letting you know that the monster is ready for capture. Your Palico will likely tip you off that the monster can be captured as well, and if you have voice lines enabled often for your hunter, they'll say something about the monster "getting weaker," which is enough to capture.

Mhr Capture Monster Palico Capture (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Hold the L button and cycle through your items by pressing A or Y until you land on the Trap you want to use.

Mhr Capture Monster Shock Trap Blue Icon (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Get next to the monster and press Y to place the trap (easiest to do when they're sleeping), or trick the monster into walking into the trap. If the monster is within range, the trap will be sprung. Warning, traps cannot be picked back up for reuse after being placed. If the monster runs off without tripping the placed trap, you won't be able to reuse the trap.

Mhr Capture Monster Place Trap (Image credit: iMore)
  1. While the monster is trapped, quickly Hold L and cycle to your Tranq items. Then release L and repeatedly press Y to hurl several tranqs at the monster until it's asleep. If the captured monster was the reason for the quest, your mission will end.

Mhr Capture Monster Tranq Bomb (Image credit: iMore)
  1. If the first monster you captured wasn't the main objective, you're free to move on and perform the rest of your quest. Head back to your camp to transfer another Trap and some Tranqs from the item box to your item pouch. You can also craft capture items at camp if you have the necessary materials. When you're ready, continue with your mission using the same steps as before.Source: iMore

Mhr Capture Monster Camp Craft Items (Image credit: iMore)

Mhr Capture Monster Camp Add Items To Item Pouch (Image credit: iMore)

With that know-how, you'll now be able to take down monsters more easily. Just make sure to have enough tranqs in your pouch or you might not be able to put the big beasties to sleep.

Caught in a trap

Having Tranqs and Traps in your inventory can really change up the way you defeat monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Try out the various tools and see which ones work best with your play style.

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