Monster Hunter Rise: List of confirmed monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage
Monster Hunter Rise Rampage (Image credit: Capcom)

In the world of Monster Hunter Rise, your goal is to protect Kamura Village from a smorgasbord of monsters threatening to destroy it. These beasties can range from small reptiles that gang up on their prey to gargantuan-sized behemoths that can crush you like a grape. If you want to stand a chance, you will need to learn what these monsters are capable of.

Here is our list of the monsters you will be facing in Monster Hunter Rise. We will continually update this list as Monster Hunter Rise receives future title updates and downloadable content. Make sure you have one of the best microSD card for your Switch to ensure you have enough space to download Monster Hunter Rise on your Nintendo Switch.

Once you have finished reading, check our weapon and armor lists to learn what gear you can equip for the challenges ahead. We also have a list of all the endemic life that can help you out during a hunt, including the brand new Wirebug.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Fanged Wyverns

Fanged Wyverns are quadrupedal monsters with characteristics inspired by lizards and dogs. They are some of the fastest monsters to deal with, and they take full advantage of their speed to pressure their prey.


Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo (Image credit: Capcom)

This intimidating Fanged Wyvern is the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise. Not much is currently known about it. What we do know is Magnamalo has some connection to a catastrophic event called 'The Rampage.' 50 years ago, Kamura Village was invaded by a horde of monsters that normally would never fight together. Now it appears 'The Rampage' will happen again, with Magnamalo at the center of it.

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo (Image credit: Capcom)

Magnamalo has blades growing out of its forearms, and the spikes on its tail form a spear which uses as weapons. Magnamalo also has incredible strength as it can pick up large monsters like Arzuros and Tobi-Kadachi, using only its jaw with no effort. It can even drag a Rathalos out of the sky by body-slamming it back to the earth.

The Magnamalo also has the power to emit a flammable gas from its body called Hellfire and ignite it to cause large explosions. It can also convert this gas into fireballs, which Magnamalo uses as projectiles. Magnamalo can even use the Hellfire to inflict the player with a status effect called Hellfire Blight. This status ailment will cause you to explode if don't get rid of it quickly by rolling or using a Wirebug dash on the ground.

Needless to say, Magnamalo will be one heck of a fight.


Monster Hunter Rise Zinogre (Image credit: Capcom)

Zinogre, the Thunder Wolf from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, has returned to show Magnamalo who the true king of the Fanged Wyverns really is. Zinogre is a massive beast that attacks its prey with speed and its powerful claws, horns and tail. Zinogre also has the ability to absorb the electricity from Thunderbugs to charge its attacks over time. When Zinogre is fully charged, its fur will stand on end, and its attacks will become electrified.

Word of warning: Do not use Shock Traps on a Zinogre. They will supercharge Zinogre instantly since it will absorb the electricity of the trap. It is highly recommended you knock Zinogre out of its supercharged state by attacking the horns as much as possible, or you won't live long to tell the tale.


Monster Hunter Rise Tobi Kadachi (Image credit: Capcom)

Returning from Monster Hunter World is the electric flying-squirrel/lizard hybrid, Tobi-Kadachi. Tobi is swift and is capable of gliding through the air using a special membrane attached to its legs. Tobi attacks its prey using claw swipes, bites and smashing you with its massive bushy tail.

When it feels threatened, Tobi-Kadachi will find a nearby tree and rub its body against it to build up static electricity and store it in its fur. Once it's fully charged, Tobi's attacks will be stronger and inflict Thunderblight. This nasty status effect makes players more susceptible to being stunned, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


Monster Hunter Rise Jagras (Image credit: iMore)

The Jagras are a pack of small Fanged Wyverns that debuted in Monster Hunter World. They're opportunistic carnivores that swarm their prey with a barrage of claw swipes and bites.

The Jagras will attack only if the odds are their favor. This can range from ganging up on a lone hunter with greater numbers, or attacking a large monster if they're in a helpless state.

Otherwise, the Jagras are cowards that will flee the moment a large monster enters the fray, or a single member of their pack is slain.

You can obtain Jagras Hides, Jagras Scales, and Sharp Claws when you carve their carcasses after slaying them.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Apex monsters

Apex monsters are the leaders of monster hordes during a Rampage. They are more powerful and angrier than regular monsters, complete with new moves to their arsenal. If you see these monsters during a Rampage, you must be defeated at all costs; otherwise, Kamura Village is doomed.

Apex Arzuros

Apex Arzuros (Image credit: Capcom)

Apex Arzuros is the first Apex monster you will face in Monster Hunter Rise. This terrifying bear is so mighty it can cause small earthquakes with its stomp attacks and chuck boulders the size of a small house. It makes the regular Arzuros look like a cuddly teddy bear in comparison.

Apex Rathalos

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Rathalos (Image credit: Capcom)

The first title update will include Apex Rathalos to Monster Hunter Rise. Judging from its appearance, it looks like this Rathalos has lost control of its fire breathing abilities and has become berserk as a result. Expect Apex Rathalos to be unpredictable in its attack patterns, reining down a maelstrom of fire in his wake.

Apex Rathian

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Rathian (Image credit: iMore)

Apex Rathian is a Rathian whose poison abilities are so toxic, it can melt away your health in a matter of seconds. It can launch poison thorns from its tail and when they land on the ground, they leave a poison cloud which last for a couple of minutes. Poison resistant armor skills will be essential to survive fighting this dreadful queen of the rampage.

Apex Mizutsune

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Mizutsune (Image credit: iMore)

Apex Mizutsune is a Mizutsune that has forsaken the bubbleblight status ailment in favor of Magnamalo's Hellfire. The bubbles it secretes are now filled with explosive Hellfire gas and will inflict the Hellfire Blight if you get hit by them. Apex Mizutsune can conjure up more bubbles than its normal counterpart, so quick reflexes and careful positioning will be the key to hunting this monster.

Apex Diablos

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Diablos (Image credit: Capcom)

Apex Diablos is a Diablos that is completely consumed with rage. It's so angry you can see its blood boil to the point where dangerously hot steam radiates off its body. It can tunnel underground by spinning through the air like an out-of-control drill. The Stun Resistance armor skill is essential in this fight; otherwise you might get stunned in just one hit.

Apex Zinogre

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Zinogre (Image credit: Capcom)

Apex Zinogre is a Zinogre that has been charged with so much lightning that it has taken on a golden aura. It is faster, stronger, and it can now summon miniature thunderstorms. Make sure your gear has plenty of Thunder and Paralysis resistance if you plan on hunting this lord of thunder.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Elder Dragons

Elder Dragons are at the top of the monster food chain. These aren't your stereotypical, fire-breathing lizards, Elder Dragons can be anything from lizards, unicorns, lions, and even eldritch horrors. What classifies a creature as an Elder Dragon is their ability to defy nature and bend it to their will. Some Elder Dragons are so powerful they can potentially destroy entire ecosystems if left unchecked.


Monster Hunter Rise Chameleos (Image credit: Capcom)

The first free title update for Monster Hunter Rise will bring back Chameleos, the elusive poison dragon that was introduced in Monster Hunter Dos. Chameleos has the ability to go invisible by covering the area in mist and camouflage itself within it. It's best to escape the mist quickly — otherwise, you won't be able to see Chameleos as it hunts you down. It attacks by spitting poison, smacking you with its fan-like tail, using its tongue to steal and eat your items, including Max Potions.

It may seem slow at first, but Chameleos can run incredibly fast at a moment's notice when your guard is down. When Chameleos gets Enraged, this Elder Dragon will become super fast and cover the entire arena in toxic clouds. The Poison Resistance armor skill is highly recommended when hunting this deceptive dragon.

Kushala Daora

Monster Hunter Rise Kushala Daora (Image credit: Capcom)

Get your Windproof decorations ready because the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Dos, Kushala Daora, has returned. Kushala Daora is an Elder Dragon capable of producing and controlling wind. Getting anywhere close to this metallic dragon is nigh impossible once its wind aura activates. If that wasn't bad enough, Kushala could spit out giant tornadoes to blow you away.


Monster Hunter Rise Teostra (Image credit: Capcom)

Teostra is an explosive Elder Dragon that made its debut in Monster Hunter Dos. This lion-looking dragon attacks its prey by consuming them in flames using its fire breath. Teostra is also capable of producing explosive powder from its wings to blow up its foes. Once Teostra gets enraged, it will build up its explosive powder and unleash it all in a massive supernova. Get ready to perform a superman dive if you see the supernova begin to build.

Wind Serpent Ibushi

Monster Hunter Rise Ibushi (Image credit: iMore)

At the end of the Monster Hunter Rise trailer 'Kamura's Last Hope,' we have been given a glimpse of this horrific-looking monster, The Wind Serpent Ibushi. This massive serpentine Elder Dragon has the power to control the air around it using a special gas produced from its body. Ibushi uses this gas to keep itself afloat and pick up large boulders to use as projectiles.

In addition to the gas, Ibushi possesses Dragon elemental abilities consisting of lasers and explosions. You will need to use everything at your disposal to protect Kamura Village from this living, breathing, natural disaster.

Thunder Serpent Narwa

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa (Image credit: iMore)

The third title update trailer has unveiled the original final boss of the High Rank questline, Narwa, to the public. Thunder Serpent Narwa is an Elder Dragon in search of its mate, the Wind Serpent Ibushi. She is a fascinating yet terrifying monster capable of generating huge amounts of electricity within her thundersacs. Narwa's thundersacs can also create magnetic fields, which are so powerful, they cause Narwa and anything near her to float in the air.

This hunt will put your Wirebug skills to the test as you will need to dodge Narwa's thunderbolts and take advantage of the floating environment to damage her in the air. Good luck hunters, Kamura Village is counting on you.

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Monster Hunter Rise Crimson Glow Valstrax (Image credit: Capcom)

The flagship monster of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Valstrax, has returned, but something's not right. The Valstrax is an Elder Dragon that possesses an immense amount of Dragon Elemental energy. It expels this energy through air vents in its wings to propel itself at extremely high speeds like a jet engine. However, this Valstrax seems to have lost control of its Dragon Elemental energy and has gone mad as a result.

This variant, dubbed "Crimson Glow Valstrax," constantly releases its energy and attacks anything in sight. In addition to bite and claw attacks, Valstrax can use its wings as weapons. The wings can reshape themselves to form spear-like appendages or cannon-like appendages to shoot dragon elemental projectiles. When Valstrax becomes enraged, it will fly to the sky at terminal velocity and then divebomb straight back to the ground, causing a massive explosion when it lands.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Bird Wyverns

Bird Wyverns are reminiscent of real-life birds and their ancient ancestors – velociraptors. The kind that resembles birds tend to be loners that rely on their speed and flight to hunt their prey. On the other hand, their flightless raptor cousins form packs to overwhelm their prey with sheer numbers.


Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom (Image credit: Capcom)

The Aknosom is a very peculiar Bird Wyvern that resembles a Crane bird. At first glance, it may not look tough, but one false move and Aknosom will sweep you off your feet. With graceful movements similar to a martial artist, it can slap you with its huge wings and kick with its talons. Aknosom can also fly and shoot fireballs from its beak.

When Aknosom gets enraged, it will lose its composed fighting style and go berserk. Constantly using its peak to skewer you and charge at you using the frills on its head like a battering ram.

Great Izuchi and Izuchi pack

Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi (Image credit: Capcom)

The Great Izuchi is a devious Bird Wyvern that sneak attacks prey using its hooked claws and tail. When it feels backed into a corner, the Great Izuchi will call forth lesser Izuchi to fight by its side. When this happens, the fight becomes more difficult as all Izuchi attack in unison, never letting its opponent catch a break. It is best to take out the lesser Izuchi first to give yourself more breathing room before going after the Great Izuchi.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to slay Great Izuchi and the regular Izuchi.

Great Wroggi and Wroggi pack

Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi (Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise Wroggi (Image credit: iMore)

The Great Wroggi is a poisonous Bird Wyvern that originated in Monster Hunter 3. It will attack using its claws, tail and spit poisonous mist at prey. The Poison status effect will slowly drain your health away for a limited time or until you cure it with an Antidote potion.

When Great Wroggi gets enraged, it will puff up its poisonous dewlap sac and call forth lesser Wroggi to assist it. Regular Wroggi have the same abilities as the Great Wroggi but not as dangerous alone Fortunately, a pack of Wroggi isn't as co-ordinated as a pack of Izuchi, but it would still be wise to get rid of the annoying pests first.

Wroggi Scales, Wroggi Hides, Sharp Fangs can be obtained from carving regular Wroggi carcasses.

Great Baggi and Baggi pack

Monster Hunter Rise Great Baggi (Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise Baggi (Image credit: iMore)

Heralding from Monster Hunter 3 is the Great Baggi. It is a distant relative of the Great Wroggi that lives in cold climates instead of marshlands and rainforests.

The Great Baggi has similar moves to the Great Wroggi and shares the ability to summons smaller monsters to swarm its prey with greater numbers. However, the main difference between the two is that the Great Wroggi inflicts the Sleep status effect instead of poison. Which arguably makes the Great Baggi more dangerous than its poison-spewing counterpart. Especially when you have to fight lots of lesser Baggi that can also put you to sleep with their saliva.


Monster Hunter Rise Pukei Pukei (Image credit: Capcom)

Pukei-Pukei was one of the first monsters you hunt in Monster Hunter World and now it has come back for Monster Hunter Rise. Pukei-Pukei is the first reptilian Bird Wyvern that can fly, just like its feathered cousins. Pukei-Pukei's main methods of attack are stomping you with its feet, smacking you with its tail and giant tongue, and spit poisonous saliva.

When Pukei-Pukei gets enraged, its skin and feathers will change color just like its real-life inspiration, the chameleon. To gain an advantage in battle, it seeks out poisonous plants and eats them to gain their properties. Pukei-Pukei's poison spit will become more potent and is now capable of expelling poisonous gas from its tail.


Monster Hunter Rise Kulu Yaku (Image credit: Capcom)

The Kulu-Yaku was one of Monster Hunter World's passive monsters. It's a flightless, avian-type Bird Wyvern that doesn't fight back unless provoked and would much rather avoid conflict altogether. However, when it has no choice, it will put up a decent fight. Kulu-Yaku will kick you with its feet, hit you with its claws, and peck you in the face with its peak.

When it feels its life is in dire peril, Kulu-Yaku will dig into the ground and pull out a rock or a discarded pot to use as a weapon. Don't underestimate Kulu-Yaku once it gets its talons on a weapon because one hit from it can instantly stun you. Not to mention Kulu-Yaku can also use whatever it picks up to block melee attacks. Once it's damaged enough, Kulu-Yaku will retreat to its nest to eat eggs it has stolen from other monsters to heal itself.


Monster Hunter Rise Gargwa (Image credit: iMore)

The Gargwa are peaceful Bird Wyverns that were Introduced in Monster Hunter 3. These ostrich-duck hybrids are docile and timid creatures that inhabit mountainous or jungle biomes. They are sometimes used as livestock or beasts of burden in human villages.

If you hunt a Gargwa, you can obtain Raw Meat from their bodies. Sometimes they will drop an egg, which is worth quite the penny if you manage to take it back to your camp's Supply Box. They could be a normal Gargwa Egg or a Golden Gargwa Egg.

Jaggia and Jaggi

Monster Hunter Rise Jaggi Jaggia (Image credit: iMore)

Jaggia and Jaggi are scavenging BIrd Wyverns that debuted in Monster Hunter Tri. Compared to the Wroggi, Baggi, and even Izuchi, Jaggis and Jaggia are the weakest of the carnivore Bird Wyverns in terms of strength. They make up for this weakness by forming large packs to protect themselves and hunt prey.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Amphibians

Amphibians are a scarce type of monster in the Monster Hunter series. They have characteristics and body types similar to real amphibians and amphibious fish. They are slow but large and powerful creatures to hunt.


Monster Hunter Rise Tetranadon (Image credit: Capcom)

Tetranadon is a big, gluttonous Amphibian that looks like a hybrid between a platypus and a frog with a turtle shell covered in moss. It can spit giant blobs of water to inflict the Waterblight status effect, which can weaken your stamina recovery. Tetranadon can also jump in the air to squash you, slap you in the face with its paws, and toss you around like a ragdoll.

Eventually, it will start to gobble up gravel to expand its stomach and gain a significant strength boost. In this state, Tetranadon can cause minor earthquakes with its stomps and hurl giant rocks twice your size.


Monster Hunter Rise Zamite (Image credit: iMore)

Zamite are amphibian sharks that debuted in Monster Hunter 4. These carnivorous creatures reside in arctic climates and attack anything in sight because they are constantly hungry for meat. If a Zamite lives long enough, it will mature and grow into the Zamtrios, a giant land-shark that can shoot beams of ice and encase itself in icy armor.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Piscine Wyverns

Piscine Wyverns can best be summarized as giant fish with legs. They have adapted to walk on land, but they prefer to stay submerged underwater, only surfacing to hunt for food. Piscine Wyverns are notorious for giving players headaches because they generally fight at long range and utilize attacks that cripple their mobility.


Monster Hunter Rise Jyuratodus (Image credit: Capcom)

The Jyuratodus is a Piscine Wyvern originally heralds from the marshlands of Monster Hunter World. Jyuratodus' attacks include jumping in the air to body slam you, smacking you with its hips, and diving underwater to attack from below. This carnivorous river monster covers itself in tons of mud to protect itself from predators. It can also use this mud as a projectile and trap players inside it, leaving them wide open for Jyuratodus to pounce on.


Monster Hunter Rise Delex (Image credit: iMore)

Delex are desert-based Piscine Wyverns that debuted in Monster Hunter Tri. These creatures travel in schools to scavenge the corpses of monsters left behind by larger predators. They can be tricky to hunt since they are underground most of the time and move incredibly fast. However, a Sonic Bomb will easily launch these creatures out of the dirt, ready for you to carve their hides.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Flying Wyverns

The Flying Wyverns are the most famous and most common type of monster you will encounter. They range from bipedal, two-winged reptiles or mammals that will take to the skies to rain destruction from above. In contrast, there are quadrupedal Flying Wyverns with wings attached to their forearms that prefer to fight on the ground.


Monster Hunter Rise Rathalos (Image credit: Capcom)

Rathalos is the Monster Hunter series' mascot and has been in every game since Monster Hunter 1. This classic Flying Wyvern's arsenal includes poisonous claws, a massive club-shaped tail, and the ability to spit massive fireballs.

Rathalos' most dangerous ability is its mastery of flight. It can fly to great heights and use all of its moves while in the air. Not to mention it can grab you with its claws and then slam you into the ground from a high altitude. There's a reason why Rathalos has been dubbed the 'King of the Skies.'


Monster Hunter Rise Rathian (Image credit: Capcom)

The Rathian is the female version of the Rathalos species. It fights very similarly to its male counterpart and has the same ability to inflict poison, fly and breathe fire. However, there are some differences between the two aside from the color scheme.

First off, Rathian likes to fight on the ground and constantly charge at the player using its body weight to deal damage. Its ability to poison its prey isn't in its talons but in its spiked tail. And finally, Rathian's likes to breathe fireballs more often than Rathalos, and the blast radius can be even larger. Rathian's ground-based approach to combat has earned her the moniker, 'Queen of the Land'.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to slay Rathian.


Monster Hunter Rise Khezu (Image credit: Capcom)

The Khezu is one of the creepiest monsters this series has to offer. This disturbing Flying Wyvern made its first appearance in Monster Hunter 1 and has shown up in various games since then. It primarily hides in dark caves and only emerges to hunt for food. It has no eyes so it tracks its prey by sniffing their scent. To add to the creepy factor, Khezu is the only monster with no battle theme, so it's eerily silent while you fight it.

Once it's found its target, Khezu will attack by extending its rubbery neck out to swallow them whole. It also has the ability to generate electricity around its body to protect itself and spit out electrical discharges to paralyze its foes.


Monster Hunter Rise Tigrex (Image credit: Capcom)

The Tigrex is one of the most bloodthirsty Flying Wyverns you will encounter. Debuting in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, this prehistoric terror is infamous for annihilating anything it's path by simply shouting at them. It's roar is so loud and powerful, its like getting hit in the face by a sonic boom.

When Tigrex isn't literally screaming its enemies to death, it will constantly charge towards its prey to bite their heads off or flatten them with its claws. When Tigrex gets enraged, its blood will boil so much you can see the veins in its body glowing. Preparation and discretion are heavily advised.


Monster Hunter Rise Barioth (Image credit: Capcom)

Few monsters dominate the frozen wastelands of Monster Hunter more than the Barioth. This winged, saber-toothed cat debuted back in Monster Hunter 3 and many veteran hunters still dread fighting today. This creature combines the ferocity of a Tigrex with the aerial mastery of a Rathalos. It has cleats built into its paws to maintain its high agility while pursuing prey in cold and icy climates.

When Barioth attacks, it will smash players under its paws, smack them with a spiked tail and blast them with tornadoes from its mouth. Not to mention puncture players hides with its powerful fangs.


Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga (Image credit: Capcom)

Nargacuga, the fan-favorite Swift Wyvern from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, has stepped out of the shadows to hunt you down. The Nargacuga is a Flying Wyvern that resembles a black cougar. It has incredible speed, which Nargacuga uses to evade attackers and get the jump on its prey. Nargacuga attacks its prey by using razor-sharp wings and a long tail covered in spikes.

When Nargacuga gets enraged, it will let out a deafening roar and become even more agile. If you don't find a way to cripple its mobility, Nargacuga will be nigh impossible to keep up with.


Monster Hunter Rise Basarios (Image credit: Capcom)

The Rock Wyvern, Basarios has finally come out of hiding to blast you away. This living, breathing boulder was part of the original roster of monsters back in Monster Hunter 1. Basario's scales grow so hard and thick that they become indistinguishable from ordinary rocks. Basarios is aware of this visual aesthetic and takes advantage of it by digging underground next to mineral ores or boulders to camouflage itself from predators.

When it's been discovered and is forced to fight, Basarios can be a pretty tough opponent to battle. Its extremely thick hide can protect Basasrios from nearly every attack and try to crush you with its absurdly heavy body. Basarios also has the ability to produce various gases from its body, including poison gas, sleep gas, and even explosive gas. When Basarios gets really angry, it will vent all its rage to unleash a highly concentrated fire beam from its mouth.


Monster Hunter Rise Diablos (Image credit: Capcom)

Diablos, the Two-Horned Devil, has returned to dominate the desert regions of Monster Hunter Rise. Back in the original Monster Hunter, Diablos and its one-horned cousin Monoblos were considered the hardest creatures to hunt. They are gigantic, powerful, and extremely territorial. They will attack anything on sight, including members of their own kind.

Diablos' main method of attack is charging into their enemies to impale them on their massive horns. They can also bash your head in with their club-shaped tails and stun you with their eardrum-bursting roars. The most deadly attack in the Diablos' arsenal is their ability to dig underground and do their charge attack beneath your feet.


Monster Hunter Rise Bazelgeuse (Image credit: iMore)

Is it a Bird Wyvern? Is it a B-52 bomber? No, it's Bazelgeuse from Monster Hunter World! Many hunters fear this massive Flying Wyvern because it has the ability to produce explosive scales from its body. These scales will explode upon contact or after a few seconds of being deployed. You must get away from these bombs before they explode; otherwise, you might get carted in one explosion.

Bazelgeuse is an extremely violent monster that thirsts for conflict. Whenever there is a fight going on, Bazelgeuse will drop whatever it is doing to join the fray and attack everything in sight. So, if you're in the middle of a hunt and suddenly Bazelgeuse drops in uninvited, get your dung pods ready or use Silkbind attacks to mount him. Because Bazelgeuse will not stop fighting until you or it is dead.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Brute Wyverns

Brute Wyverns a massive monsters with body types resembling that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As the name implies, these creatures rely on brute strength and not much else in a fight. With powerful hind legs that can easily crush stone and surprisingly agility given their size, exercise extreme caution when fighting these juggernauts.


Monster Hunter Rise Anjaneth (Image credit: Capcom)

Originally from Monster Hunter World, Anjanath is the quintessential Brute Wyvern. It looks nearly identical to a T-Rex, and it has all strength, speed, and aggression of its real-life counterpart. What makes Anjanath stand out though, is its ability to breathe fire from its mouth and nostrils to scorch its prey. Aside from setting you on fire, Anjanath can stomp you with its legs and crush you to mulch with its jaws.

When Anjanath gets angry, dorsal fins will sprout from its back and will start roaring like a madman. Its physical strength will increase to the point where Anjaneth can rip the ground apart with its teeth alone.


Monster Hunter Rise Barroth (Image credit: Capcom)

The Barroth is a desert-based Brute Wyvern that originally debuted in Monster Hunter Tri. Barroths are docile creatures that cover themselves in huge chunks of mud to protect themselves from predators and keep cool in hot climates. They will immediately become hostile if they are disturbed and fight off aggressors until they retreat.

Barroth's attacks include tail whips, shoulder tackles, and ramming you with its giant, crown-shaped head. Barroth can even use the mud on its body as a projectile, and if you get hit, you will become restrained by the pile of mud.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Leviathans

Leviathans are large, aquatic monsters that have adapted to living on land and underwater. However, some Leviathans break that expectation by being capable of swimming in molten lava. They have body types similar to marine reptiles like crocodiles or iguanas.

Royal Ludroth

Monster Hunter Rise Royal Ludroth (Image credit: Capcom)

The Royal Ludroth is a fairly large Leviathan that debuted in Monster Hunter 3. Its main distinguishing feature is its yellow mane, which can absorb water like a sponge. This 'sponge mane' provides extra protection against predators and prevents dehydration while walking on land. If its 'sponge mane' gets damaged, Royal Ludroth will try to submerge it in water to repair it.

Royal Ludroth's attacks include spitting mucus that induces Waterblight, slashing with razor-sharp claws, and rolling around like a rolling pin. Royal Ludroth can even launch itself at you like a missile by releasing the water stored in its mane like a water jet.

Monster Hunter Rise Ludroth (Image credit: iMore)

One thing to note is that there are lesser Ludroth as well, but the Royal Ludroth doesn't form packs with its smaller brethren. The big ones travel alone while the lesser Ludroth travel in small groups.


Monster Hunter Rise Uroktor (Image credit: iMore)

Debuting in Monster Hunter Tri, the Uroktor are small Leaviathans that dwell within volcanic regions. They dig underground to catch their prey by surprise and breath small fireballs in their face. Given enough time, Uroktor will grow up to become Agnaktor, a giant Leviathan covered in molten rock and capable of breathing laser beams.


Monster Hunter Rise Somnacanth (Image credit: Capcom)

Somnacanth is a highly dangerous, serpentine Leviathan that is very territorial. It mostly travels at night and has been mistaken for a mermaid due to its silhouette cast against the moonlit sky. If you encounter this slippery customer, be careful because this monster can put you to sleep by breathing sleeping powder in your face.

Aside from a sleep-inducing breath attack, Somnacanth can also run circles around its prey with exceptional speed to slash at your blind spots with its sharp claws. After taking enough damage, Somnacanth will seek a clam to consume it, instantly healing its wounds.


Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune (Image credit: Capcom)

The Mizutsune was one of the "Fated Four" flagship monsters of Monster Hunter Generations. This beautiful creature is known as the 'Bubble Fox Wyvern' because it has the ability to produce large bubbles from its body. That may sound silly at first but if you get by one of the bubbles you will regret it. You will be inflicted with a unique status 'Bubbleblight'. Bubbleblight will cover you in so much soap, you will lose control of your movement as if you've stepped into an ice-skating rink.

Bubbleblight isn't the only thing to worry though. Mizutsune is extremely fast and deadly. It is able to rip you to shreds with its claws and crush you with its bushy tail.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to slay Mizutsune.


Monster Hunter Rise Almudron (Image credit: Capcom)

Almudron is a rarely seen Leviathan because it secludes itself in mountainous regions. However, it has been recently sighted attacking human settlements, mostly caused by 'The Rampage.'

Almudron's abilities are the complete opposite of Mizutsune's. Instead of attacking its foes with clean water and soapy bubbles like Mizutsune, Almudron will try to drown you in tidal waves of mud and sludge. Using a corrosive substance produced in its tail, Almudron can dissolve the ground and manipulate the mud in various ways. It can turn the mud into giant projectiles or form giant pillars beneath you to send you flying into the sky.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Fanged Beasts

Fanged Beasts are 100% mammal-type monsters, with body structures akin to real-life bears, pigs, monkeys, and elephants. They're smaller than most monster classes, but they make up for their small stature with speed and power.


Monster Hunter Rise Rajang (Image credit: Capcom)

There are a few monsters that can instill soul-crushing fear in a man in this franchise. Rajang is one of those monsters. Debuting in Monster Hunter Dos, Rajang is probably one of the hardest and most terrifying monsters you will ever face. These Gorilla-Bull hybrids are so strong they can stand up to Elder Dragons and toss larger monsters like Rathalos around like a ragdoll. In addition to its immense strength, Rajang can also shoot giant beams of lightning from its mouth.

Once Rajang gets enraged during a fight, you had better be prepared because Rajang has two Enraged states. Each more deadly than the last. If you stumble upon a Rajang during a normal quest and are not prepared, RUN.


Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros (Image credit: Capcom)

Arzuros is a bear Fanged Beast that originally debuted in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the Playstation Portable. Arzuros is a simple creature with simple needs – gorging on honey and fish. If anything tries to get in the way of that, Aruzros will fight tooth and claw for its favorite food. Even going so far as to engage in Turf Wars with much larger monsters like Tetranadon.

Arzuros' attacks consist of smashing you with its hardened forearms, ramming you with its body, and smothering you in bear hugs. When it gets injured or hungry, Arzuros will try to find some honey to eat, which will refill its health and stamina.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to slay Arzuros.


Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten (Image credit: Capcom)

Bishaten is a flying marsupial monkey that likes to pull pranks on both hunters and monsters alike. These pranks include taking out fruit Bishaten keeps in its belly pouch and tossing them at its targets. These fruits have all sorts of status effects that can make you look like a fool, much to the Fanged Beast's amusement.

However, it's all fun and games until Bishaten starts fighting seriously. It can hover in the air to perform a corkscrew divebomb attack and smack you with its winged forearms. Bishaten also has a powerful tail, which it uses as a weapon. It can also stand on its tail to stay out of reach from melee attacks and safely toss more fruit at you.


Monster Hunter Rise Lagombi (Image credit: Capcom)

The Lagombi is a giant rabbit Fanged Beast that first appeared in Monster Hunter 3. It lives in cold climates and is usually peaceful unless provoked. If threatened by predators, Lagombi will use the environment to defend itself. It can use its strength to dig giant balls of snow and throw them like bowling balls. Lagombi can also slide on snow or ice to boost its speed and ram into enemies.


Monster Hunter Rise Volvidon (Image credit: Capcom)

Volvidon is an armordilo-anteater hybrid that completes Monster Hunter Tri's 'bear-trio' (Arzuros, Lagombi, Volvidon). This creature roams volcanic-regions to hunt for Neopterons. Volvidons attack their prey by curling up into a ball, and bulldoze through them like bowling pins. Once they are weakened, the Volvidon will paralyze their prey with paralytic spit.

If Volvidon is attacked by hunters, it has a couple of tricks up its sleave to defend itself. It will use its elongated tongue to steal your items and expel disgusting gas to inflict the 'Stench' status effect. This status effect prevents players from using healing items by covering them in excrement and you must use Cleansers to get rid of it.

Goss Harag

Monster Hunter Rise Goss Horag (Image credit: Capcom)

The Goss Harag is a horrifying, abominable snow Fang Beast. This frost demon has the power to inhale cold air and exhale it out to freeze its arms into giant blades of ice. It can also concentrate its cold breath into a giant beam of ice that freezes any poor soul caught in its trajectory.

Getting Goss Harag enraged may be your biggest and last mistake, as its body will turn red and gain superhuman strength. Take extreme care when traveling the Frost Islands, lest you run into a Goss Harag.


Monster Hunter Rise Bombagy (Image credit: iMore)

The Bombadgy are rotund raccoon-looking creatures with a unique defensive mechanism; explosive gas. Flammable gas courses through these creatures' bodies, and will ignite if anything tries to attack them. The gas will explode and send the Bombadgy flying away like a popped balloon to escape predators.

If a Bombadgy hits a monster while flying away, the Bombadgy will explode again and damage the monster. Creative hunters will hit the Bombadgy and use them as improvised rockets to damage a larger monster.

When Bombadgy land, their body will deflate and will have to find somewhere to hide to build its gas up again.

You can carve a Bombadgy's carcass to obtain Raw Meat and the Bombadgy Igniter after you kill it.


Monster Hunter Rise Bullfango (Image credit: iMore)

The Bullfango is a giant boar that made its first appearance in Monster Hunter 1. These short-tempered pigs are so territorial they'll attack literally anything that intrudes on their privacy. Bullfangos will go as far as to charge towards larger monsters, twice their size. Not even the 'King of the Skies' Rathalos himself doesn't intimidate the Bullfangos.

If you kill a Bullfango, you can obtain Bullfango Pelts and a Bullfango Head from carving their hide.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Snake Wyverns

Snake Wyverns are monsters that share characteristics with snakes and are even rarer than Amphibian monsters.


Monster Hunter Rise Remobra (Image credit: iMore)

Remobra are flying Snake Wyverns that made their first appearance in Monster Hunter 2. These airborne snakes are scavengers that prey upon weakened monsters or discarded monster corpses. The Remobra attack their prey by ramming into them or infecting them with poison via biting or spitting.

The Remobra are not dangerous by themselves but what their presence implies is cause for concern. Remobra usually hangs around Elder Dragon nests to pick off the carcasses they leave behind after a meal. So, if you spot a Remobra, that means an Elder Dragon is not too far away…

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Temnoceran

Temnocerans are giant spider monsters the size of buildings and are just as rare as Snake Wyverns.

Rakna-Kadaki and Rachnoid

Monster Hunter Rise Rakna Kadaki (Image credit: Capcom)

After seeing brief glimpses for months, we finally know the mysterious spider monster's identity, Rakna-Kadaki. You know the phrase "Kill it with fire!" when people panic over spiders? Well that won't with Rakna-Kadaki because this spider lives in active volnanoes. This terrifying Temnoceron uses the over-abundance of webbing covering its body to ensnare its prey before burning them alive with a fiery breath attack.

Monster Hunter Rise Rachnoid (Image credit: iMore)

If the thought of a fire-breathing spider wasn't bad enough, Rakna-Kadaki can also spawn offspring called 'Rachnoid' to assist it in battle. These tiny terrors immobilize their prey with their own webbing so the Rakna-Kadaki can finish them off.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Neopterons

Neopterons are insect monsters that come in all shapes and sizes. They have a wide variety of status effects at their disposal to ward off predators. Most of them are pretty small, but if you encounter a rare large Neopteron, stay alert as they can rival the might of Brute Wyverns.


Monster Hunter Rise Altaroth (Image credit: iMore)

The Altaroth are small Neopterons that first appeared in Monster Hunter 3. They don't pose much of a threat to hunters, but they do a couple of attacks to be aware if they get agitated. The Altaroth defend themselves with their oversized jaws and spitting a green acid that inflicts Defense Down. This is a dangerous status effect that cuts your armor's defense stats by a harsh degree.

These insects hunt for small mushrooms and store the contents within sacs on their backs upon consumption. If you kill an Altaroth while its sac is full, you will obtain a Ripened Mushroom.

Be careful when hunting Altaroths because their bodies are so fragile, they will be completely destroyed if you use your regular weapons. It's recommended you either use poison bombs or throwing kunai to kill them without destroying their body. You can obtain Altaroth Stomachs, Altaroth Jaws, and Monster Fluids by carving their dead bodies.


Monster Hunter Rise Bnahabra (Image credit: iMore)

Originating from Monster Hunter 3 is a creature that can derail your hunt in a single sting, the Bnahabra. These overgrown mosquitos can paralyze their prey with their venomous stinger.

The Paralysis status effect will victims leave helpless until it wears off or until something else hits them. If you see Bnahabra while you're fighting a large monster, take out the little parasites first lest you get paralyzed while fighting a Rathalos.

Like Altaroths, Bnahabra bodies are extremely fragile and have a high chance of disintegrating upon being slain. It's recommended you either use poison bombs or throwing kunai to kill them without destroying their body. You can obtain Bnahabra Shells, Bnahabra Wings, and Monster Fluid by carving their dead bodies.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Lynians

Lynians are small humanoids whose intelligence is on par with that of humans. They form tribes in the wild and provide assistance or hindrance to players depending on how you interact with them.


Monster Hunter Rise Felyne (Image credit: iMore)

The Felynes are the most common form of Lynian and have been apart of the series since Monster Hunter 1. These are cute, bipedal cats that have the ability to speak human languages.

Some Felynes live in the wild, while others integrate into human settlements to become part of their society. Felynes are capable of various tasks including farming, cooking, fishing, shopkeeping, or most notably, becoming Palicos. Palicos are Felynes that are assigned to be a hunter's partner while fighting large monsters.

If you happen to encounter a wild Felyne and decide to battle it, you can obtain either a Round Acorn or a Pawprint Stamp upon defeating it.


Monster Hunter Rise Melynx (Image credit: iMore)

Melynxes are distant cousins of Felynes and debuted alongside them in Monster Hunter 1. They possess the same abilities as Felynes and can integrate into human settlements as well.

The main difference between the two species is that the Melynx have a compulsive need to hoard objects by any means necessary. If you encounter a wild Melynx, they will try to steal one of your items. They can be anything from potions to monster parts.

To reclaim your stolen possessions, you will have to beat up the Melynx before they run away. If they do, you will have to find their hideout where they store all their ill-gotten gains. If you beat a Melynx before they have stolen anything, they will drop random items, including Pawprint Stamps or rations.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Fish

Fish in the world of Monster Hunter are similar to real-life fish except they are a lot bigger and their parts are used to create water-resistant gear.


Monster Hunter Rise Gajou (Image credit: iMore)

The Gajau are giant catfish that debuted in Monster Hunter 3. These creatures roam rivers searching for meat and defend their territory from most hostile threats, including wyverns and hunters.

They will aggressively leap out of the water to ram their foes and relentlessly bite them. Gajau will even go as far to attack on land before dragging themselves back into the river.

You carve out Gajau Whiskers and Gajau Skin from their carcasses upon slaying them.

Monster Hunter Rise monster list: Herbivores

Herbivores are peaceful monsters that feed on grass and plants. They pose no threat to the player and will most likely run at the first signs of danger.


Monster Hunter Rise Kelbi (Image credit: iMore)

The Kelbi are gentle monsters that resemble deers that originated in Monster Hunter 1. They frolic idyllic landscapes to graze on grass and will flee if they sense any hostility.

A Kelbi's horns can be used to craft Ancient Potions, a powerful healing item that restores your health and stamina to full. You obtain Kelbi Horns by breaking them off or carving its unconscious body.

You can also obtain a Warm Pelt and White Liver when carving their bodies. Do note that Kelbi don't die when they are defeated, they will instead play dead and run away when your back is turned. So be sure to get your rewards quickly.


Monster Hunter Rise Anteka (Image credit: Capcom)

The Anteka are moose-like herbivores that debuted in Monster Hunter 2. Anteka are similar to Kelbi but they live in cold climates and are willing to fight back against predators. They will ram you with their big antlers and kick you with their hooves.

You can grab Prized Pelts and Anteka Antlers by carving their hides after slaying them.


Monster Hunter Rise Popo (Image credit: iMore)

The Popo are peaceful herbivores that were introduced in Monster Hunter Dos. These gentle giants resemble woolly mammoths and like to spend their time grazing on grass in arctic regions. They will run away when danger is afoot but will stand their ground to defend their young from predators.


Monster Hunter Rise Kestodon (Image credit: iMore)

Originating from Monster Hunter World, is the hard-headed herbivore, Kestodon. Kestodon are desert dwellers that resemble the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur. They are territorial creatures and will use their armored heads to headbutt intruders. However, they will retreat if a larger predator makes its presence. Male Kestodon have larger head crests compared to female Kestodon.


Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos (Image credit: iMore)

Rhenoplos are heavily armored herbivores that debuted in Monster Hunter Tri. These herbivores don't take kindly to intruders and will fight them off by charging into them using their battering ram-shaped head.


Monster Hunter Rise Slagtoth (Image credit: iMore)

Slagtoth are lumbering herbivores that debuted in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. These huge beasts travel wherever they please to graze on grass. Slagtoths are territorial and will fight any creature that disturbs their privacy. Unfortunately for the Slagtoths, their attacks are so slow you will likely put them in the ground before they have a chance to defend themselves.

Are you up to the challenge when the Rampage arrives?

These are all the monsters that have been confirmed or hinted at so far. We'll be sure to update this list as Capcom releases free content updates in the coming months. Even now, the game has a ton of content and replay value, making it one of the best Nintendo Switch games of the year, so make sure to pick up your copy today!

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