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There are dozens of monsters to track and defeat in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to avoid swinging and missing, you'll need to lock on to them. It'll undoubtedly make your hunting sessions more efficient and allow you to get further faster. However, locking on to monsters isn't the most intuitive thing. Don't worry. If you're having difficulty figuring it out, I'm here to help.

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Things you should know

  • There are two ways to lock onto an enemy: "Focus Camera" or "Target Camera."
  • Focus Camera: This makes it, so your camera always focuses on the monster when it's on-screen and keeps your crosshairs trained on it. It's a great choice for beginners or anyone who doesn't want to keep track of the monster on their own.
  • Target Camera: This is the default option. Basically, you won't target on to a monster with this mode unless you initiate targeting by pressing the proper buttons. Additionally, your camera will not stay focused on your prey.
  • Players can also choose to have no lock on functions enabled.

Monster Hunter Rise How to change lock on modes

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  1. Press the + button.
  2. Press the L button once to land on the System tab.

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  3. Select Options.
  4. Scroll all the way down and select Camera.

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  5. Now scroll down on the right and select Camera Style.
  6. Choose between Target Camera, Focus Camera, and Do Not Focus on Target.

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Now that you know how to swap between the three lock-on modes, it's time to go over how to actually lock on to a monster during a quest.

Monster Hunter Rise How to lock on to a monster during a quest

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  1. There are boxes in the upper right-hand corner of the screen depicting the various monsters on the map. Press in the right joystick on your controller to turn on the lock-on function. You'll know it's worked because a border shows up around a monster's image.
  2. Tap in the right joystick again to cycle through the images and select the Monster you want to lock on to. You'll also notice the monster location on the map in the bottom left of the screen also gets highlighted.

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  3. To turn the lock on a monster off, simply press in the right joystick several times until you've cycled through all of the map monsters and no image is selected in the upper right.

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Locking on will make sure your strikes land more accurately so you can take big monsters down faster.

Stay on target!

You'll be raking in loot faster now that you know how to lock on to your quarry. Experiment with the two Monster Hunter Rise lock on modes to see which one better suits your play style.

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