Monster Hunter Rise: Known bugs and how to fix them

Monster Hunter Rise Kill Shot
Monster Hunter Rise Kill Shot (Image credit: iMore)

Capcom's action role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise is officially out, and as players begin the long grind of taking down tons of monsters and building up some of the best weapons in the game, they may encounter various bugs.

No game is perfect, and while Monster Hunter Rise may be one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there, it's not without its issues. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of the more persistent problems players have found in the game, and what the potential fixes may be.

Monster Hunter Rise Known bugs and how to fix them

Gameplay issues

Monster Hunter Rise Screenshot

Monster Hunter Rise Screenshot (Image credit: Capcom)
  • Issue: Players have been reporting being randomly disconnected from a lobby when playing with friends.
    • Fix: A potential fix may be making sure both players have the most updated version of Monster Hunter Rise. Other than that, re-connecting your Nintendo Switch to the internet may help.
  • Issue: Frame rate issues may be popping up for some players, with Monster Hunter Rise stuck under the 30 FPS the game plays at while docked.
    • Fix: For some, deleting storage in the Nintendo Switch seemed to have fixed the issue. It's unknown if this is specific to certain users or if Nintendo Switch docks are at fault, however.
  • Issue: Messages telling players that the "required material types gathered" have been achieved for items pops up mistakenly.
    • Fix: At the moment, there is no known fix or solution to this issue. According to users, it seems the issue stems from the game noticing that you have enough of one ingredient for an item and correlating that with having them all.

Game crashes

Mhrise Monster Rampage Magnamalo

Mhrise Monster Rampage Magnamalo (Image credit: iMore)
  • Issue: Changing Switch Skills at the item box causes game to crash and/or game data to be lost.
    • Fix: The latest 1.12 patch for Monster Hunter Rise specifically addresses this problem in its notes, so if you're encountering this, make sure to update your game to the latest version.
  • Issue: Setting Action/Hurt Pose to the action bar or radial menu is resulting in saved data becoming inaccessible.
    • Fix: Capcom has addressed this bug in its latest 1.12 update for Monster Hunter Rise. At the moment, if you're encountering this bug or have had it happen, update your game to the latest version.

Miscellaneous issues

Monster Hunter Rise Kill Shot

Monster Hunter Rise Kill Shot (Image credit: iMore)
  • Issue: Some players are having issues with 3rd party controllers, notably the 8bitdo SN30 Pro, not registering rumble during gameplay.
    • Fix: At the moment, it seems as if this issue isn't affecting every user, so if your controller is having problems it may be worth contacting the company for any fixes.
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