What you need to know

  • Monument Valley 3 is in the works.
  • Developer UsTwo Games confirmed the news on Twitter, though it gave few details about it.
  • It is also developing two additional games.

We are returning to Monument Valley one more time. Developer UsTwo Games confirmed Monument Valley 3 is happening as it posted job listings for the game on Twitter.

Monument Valley is the wildly popular mobile puzzle game that features unique design and aesthetic that helped it stand apart from other games. It slowly gained popularity before blowing up in 2014. A sequel followed it in 2017, which was another bonafide hit, and now a second sequel is coming some time in the future.

UsTwo Games did not reveal any information about the game other than it is in the works. It is looking for a new Game Director to help offset the demand from not only Monument Valley 3, but two others games it has in the works.

It could be at least a year, if not two before we actually see Monument Valley 3. In the meantime, we'll be waiting eagerly.