Moon Wireless Charger review: Tiny but mighty

If you're looking for a wireless charger that doesn't take up quite so much space on your desk, table, or counter, look no further than Moon. It's the tiniest wireless charger for your iPhone, AirPods, or any Qi-enabled smartphone in every dimension that I've seen. Measuring just 2.44 inches in diameter and 0.15 inches thick, you'd be hard-pressed to find a smaller charger.

The Good

  • Tiny 2.44-inch diameter
  • Slim: Just 0.15-inch thick
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Foreign object detection
  • Doesn't get hot

The Bad

  • Slower than plugged-in charging
  • Fabric offers no traction and phone can slide off

The smallest charging pad

Moon Wireless Charger: Features

Moon Wireless Charger

I've tested quite a few Qi-enabled wireless charging pads, and none are even close to as tiny as the Moon Wireless Charger. It measures just 2.44 inches across and 0.15 inches in thickness, so it's both smaller around and thinner than most. Yet, it does the job, albeit not quite as fast as some others in my informal testing. I found it to be almost as fast as plugged-in charging, but not faster.

You can charge every iPhone model from the iPhone 8 to the current models wirelessly. The Moon Wireless Charger does deliver up to 10W of power, though the iPhone can only take 7.5W at this time. You can also charge any other Qi-enabled devices, such as AirPods with a wireless charging case and other smartphones (which is great if you have guests that need a charge.)

The aesthetically appealing Moon Wireless Charger won't take up much space on your desk.

The Moon Wireless Charger comes with a built-in charging cable which cannot be removed. Get optimum performance with a QC3.0 wall charger, which can be purchased with the charger for an additional $10. You can go ahead and leave your iPhone case on for charging, as long as it's no more than three millimeters thick.

There are some nice safety features here. First of all, it's waterproof, with an IP rating of IP67. This means it can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter (three feet) deep for 30 minutes, not that you'd do that I'm sure. Secondly, it's designed not to give off any heat while in operation, and I did find that to be the case. Finally, it has foriegn object detection, so it will cease working if something that isn't supposed to be there gets in the way.

Moon is one of the more attractive charging pads I've seen, you can choose from a tweed-like fabric finish or faux leather. The fabric option comes in Black, Gray, or Pink. The faux leather comes in Black, Blue, or White. I love the look and feel of the tweedy fabric, but it has no traction. When my iPhone's not in a case, it sometimes slides off the charger.


Moon Wireless Charger: What I like

I really love aethetics and proportions of this charging pad. So many wireless chargers are bulky without much thought given to the way it looks. But if your wireless charger is an integral part of your desk setup or bedroom nightstand, shouldn't it look nice? It's great that there are half a dozen color and texture options. The fact that it doesn't take up much space is a nice bonus.

Moon Wireless Charger

Not the fastest charging

Moon Wireless Charger: What I don't like

Unfortunately, I did not find the charging to be quite as fast as claimed. While I did not conduct official lab tests, I did test it out in comparison to the Lightning charging cable. My experience at home found the Moon Wireless Charger to be slightly slower than plugging in my iPhone XS to charge.

Additionally, when I placed my iPhone on the charger without a case, it sometimes slid off while charging. I never had that issue when my iPhone was in its case.

Appealing compact charger

Moon Wireless Charger: Bottom line

One tiny little charger can charge up your iPhone, your AirPods, and even your non-Apple friend's Qi-enabled smartphone (but not all at once!) Safety features such as an IP67 waterproof rating, foreign object detection, and the fact that it doesn't get hot really sets the mind at ease. It looks great, with multiple color and style options to match any decor. However, I didn't find the charging to be especially fast, and my slippery caseless iPhone didn't always stay put on the fabric charger.

Karen S Freeman

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