Mophie offers iPhone battery pack case with storage and more at CES

Battery case maker Mophie is using CES to introduce several new products aimed at iPhone 5 and 5s users include one that includes storage in addition to extra battery life.

The new Space Pack is set to ship in mid-March in 16 and 32 GB versions for $149.95 and $179.95 respectively. The Space Pack doubles the battery life of the iPhone and increases its storage capacity. You'll access the content on the Space Pack's storage using a free downloadable app called Space. Storage is managed locally so you don't need Wi-Fi in order to move files to and from the Space Pack.

Mophie is also introducing the Juice Pack Air, Crystal Collection, a collaboration with Swarovski Elements that combines on-board power with a case encrusted with a Swarovski crystal side band. It comes with a metal charging dock that also works with other Juice Packs (Helium, Air and Plus). The Crystal Collection will be released in black, gold and white in the second quarter of 2014; pricing is yet to be announced.

Finally, Mophie is rolling out new colors for the Powerstation 4000 and Powerstation Mini and a new Gold color and prints for the Juice Pack Air. The prints have been developed in coordination with designer Mossy Oak, including Break-Up Infinity, Shadow Grass Blades and Bottomland Pink. Expect to see the new Powerstation products in the first quarter for $79.95 and $59.95 for the 4000 and mini respectively; The Juice Pack Air Gold is coming this month for $99.95 and the Mossy Oak collection arrives in February for $109.95.

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Peter Cohen