More From Kevin: New iPods on Sept. 9 + iTunes 8 to Include Recommendations

Following up his big blog rumor-fest with an appearance on This Week in Tech (TWiT), Kevin Rose filled in a few details, including that the supposed new Nano, face-lifted iPod Touch, and 2.1 firmware (presumably) would drop on September 9 at a Special Apple Event (or perhaps that the invitation for the special event would be issued on the 9th, it wasn't crystal clear).

In addition, when bullied by Laporte and Dvorak, Rose -- who said he feared criticism if he were wrong -- revealed that one of the major new features in iTunes 8 could be song recommendations, perhaps similar to how Pandora or work. He also said he'd heard the iTunes Unlimited subscription rumor was false.

Is Rose dead wrong? Startlingly right? We'll know for sure in a few weeks!

Rene Ritchie

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