Moshi's new Sensecover is unlike any iPhone case you've seen

Moshi has pulled the wraps off its latest iPhone accessory, the Sensecover, and it's unlike any other iPhone case you'll have seen thus far. The basic principle is that of a flip cover; a rear protective shell with an opening front protective cover. But with the Sensecover, you can silence alarms, answer calls and see the clock, all without opening the cover.

Lots of us enjoy the added protection of using a case with a front cover to protect our iPhones display while it's in our pocket or bag, but it's still pretty much impossible to use the phone one handed while in such a case. The Sensecover doesn't fully get around that, but it does provide us easy access to answer the phone with ease, and see the clock through the window on the front. A magnetic clasp keeps the case closed while your phone is inside, keeping it safe and sound.

The Sensecover is available starting today – you'll find the link at the bottom of this post – for $45, and is available in Steel Black or Brushed Titanium. It's only for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s right now, too. What do you think of this one? We see iPhone cases aplenty, but rarely do we see something really different like this.

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Richard Devine

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