MrMobile's iPhone X Impressions

You're reading this on iMore, so it's a fair bet you've heard the old saying that Apple does things better, instead of doing them first. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the iPhone X announced today, which is easily the most exciting iPhone in years. That's thanks to a bunch of features that, to my Android-addled eyes, aren't really "new." But fret not: I'm not here to bash Apple, but to celebrate it. Because while I may be familiar with many of the features the company announced today, I'm also frustrated with them. Wireless charging that never seems to catch on; augmented reality that has yet to find purchase; cellular smartwatches the size of drink coasters – these are just a handful of the problems Apple's trying to tackle with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3, and from what I've seen today, the company stands a good chance of making things better for all smartphone users.

I'm MrMobile and even though I wasn't in Cupertino for the big iPhone X release today, I was glued to my MacBook the whole time – and I have some iPhone X First Impressions to share! Check out the real-deal iPhone X hands-on from Rene and Serenity right here on iMore and then circle back for my thoughts on the most impressive iPhone ever!

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