The Zebra saves you money on car insurance by comparing hundreds of insurance companies to find you cheaper rates.

As much as we'd like to believe we're all perfect drivers, we're not. Humans make mistakes, but when those mistakes happen at high speeds on giant mechanical monstrosities on wheels, they can be costly. In fact, the average driver will experience an accident once every 18 years. Paying for repairs out of pocket is simply infeasible for the average consumer, which is why we spend thousands each year on car insurance. 

Just because car insurance is essential doesn't mean it's cheap, though. It's quite easy to overspend on car insurance; we as a country overpay by approximately $21 billion each year. It's not necessarily your insurer's fault either. Large insurance companies offer coverage that appeals to as wide of an audience as possible, but these cookie cutter policies might not be right for you. 

So how exactly are you supposed to get a cheaper rate? There are many car insurance companies competing for your business, and even more policies. Comparing all of these policies would take an eternity. Luckily, The Zebra has already done that for you. As the nation's leading insurance comparison site, you'll get all the information you need to choose a provider that's right for you.

The Zebra is a hassle-free, independent source of industry research and consumer education, making it your one-stop source for everything car insurance-related. It uses a comparison engine that compares a network of hundreds of carriers. This allows you to research and compare insurance companies quickly and easily, including top providers like Geico, Nationwide, Allstate and Esurance. You won't necessarily find a cheaper rate through The Zebra, but users have saved $368 per year on average, so it doesn't hurt to try!

Are you overpaying for car insurance? Visit The Zebra and input your ZIP code to see how much you can be saving today.