Nelson: iMac Pro VESA mount gets screwed

Quinn Nelson bought a VESA mount kit for his iMac Pro. Put it on, went to take it off, and a screw broke. He went to put it on again and another screw broke. After not getting anything approaching functional support from AppleCare, he took it to an Apple Store and, after waiting much longer than expected, he got scratched, mangled parts back for his trouble.

Nelson appears to have done everything right and remained cool — even gracious — throughout his ordeal. I don't know how the store let him leave with the parts in that condition. If it'd been me, I'd still be camped out at that Apple Store until everything was perfect. Including better quality screws.

And yes, this is getting attention because popular on YouTube. There are many people who have problems every day that don't get the same attention, because not popular on YouTube.

But this isn't about directing attention to solve any one person's bad support experience. It's about using attention to raise the bar for everyone.

Hopefully, this helps with that.

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