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NEO: The World Ends with You has finally released on Nintendo Switch and improves upon the original game's mechanics. It has a very unique battle system compared to other action RPGs out there. If you're new to the series or just need a refresher since playing the original DS game, we're here to help. You're going to want to master pins, feed your team, complete sidequests, and stay up with the latest trends. All these tips and tricks will help you become more powerful and fight more efficiently. Who knows, you might find this is one of the best games on Nintendo Switch to have released thus far.

Push players' buttons and get in the Groove

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The unique battle system makes it so every character on your team is controlled with a different button dependent on the pin(s) they have assigned at the time. You can press more than one button at a time, making your team members all attack at once. Spam those buttons to take enemies down faster.

There's also a Groove percentage at the top of the screen. If it hits 100% and all of your teammates have a "Ready" indicator above their pins then you can press the A button to deal a powerful attack. Make use of this high-damage move and save it for the biggest threats you face.

Spend that Yen

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You'll earn money as you play through the game. Don't just hold onto it, though. Whenever you get the chance, stop at a store and see if there are any gear upgrades or pins that you can buy. The right purchases will increase your stats and make you a formidable opponent.

You can get stat bonuses for wearing gear from the same brand. However, remember that characters can wear any gear regardless of style, so don't get bogged down by that "Req. Style" rating.

Feed your crew

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There are restaurants all around the city and you'll want to make frequent use of them. Eating provides permanent, yes, permanent, buffs and stat boosts to your teammates such as upping their defense or increasing their attack power. It might be a bit expensive during early game, but it will pay off down the line.

King Pin

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There are 333 pins to collect in NTWEWY, meaning there are 333 different abilities to get your hands on. Typically, the pins get stronger as you keep going so remember to swap them out and upgrade them as often as you can. A good mix of melee and ranged attacks will serve you well.

Level up and make money fast

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The best way to get money and EXP is by engaging in every battle you can see. Scan each area and defeat those enemies in order to get more of both. You can chain attacks by getting multiple of those red monster symbols to touch you before a battle actually starts. I suggest running around and trailing them like a kite so they can all latch on to you.

Get social

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Eventually, you'll unlock the Social Network part of the game in the Thoughts menu. Here, you'll be able to unlock abilities by spending Friendship Points (FP). As you might imagine, doing this can make you more powerful. You'll need to check this menu frequently to claim skills and complete sidequests to expand your options. If you're in Rindo's thought menu and you see the words "Someone could use our help in this location," head to that spot and talk to any NPCs in the area with thought bubbles above their heads to initiate a mission.

Choose your difficulty

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When you first start the game, the difficulty level will be stuck at Normal. However, after unlocking the Social Network, you'll eventually be able to purchase the ability to change the game difficulty levels: Easy, Hard, and Ultimate. Fret lets you access Easy mode while Minamimoto lets you access Hard.

Not only can you change the difficulty, but the game encourages you to do so. For instance, The harder the difficulty, the more EXP you earn. However, the lower the difficulty, the more pins you'll earn in battle. Mix it up and play in whatever way suits you best.

Once you've unlocked other difficulty levels all you have to do is press the + button and then change the difficulty to whatever level you want.

Reapers gonna reap

Hopefully, these NEO: The World Ends with You tips and tricks make you more proficient while taking down monsters and competing in the Reapers Game. Just remember to use any resources or pins you have on you and take care of your teammates in order to perform better.