Netatmo Security SensorSource: Netatmo

What you need to know

  • Netatmo has announced the Smart Security Sensor.
  • The sensor can check whether a door or window is open as well as whether there is any motion inside.
  • Matter support also means that Apple HomeKit is supported as well.

Netatmo has a new Smart Security Sensor product that includes support for both Matter and Apple HomeKit and can monitor whether a door/window is open while sensing motion, too.

The new product was first spied by Smartapfel and HomeKit News with the latter pointing out just how useful such a thing could be, especially when tied into the HomeKit system.

This may seem odd at first, but if you consider the potential automation options available to you when a contact sensor also detects that you're inside your home as opposed to outside, there's the possibility to create automations that work differently when you're going out, as to when you arrive home.

Add to this that the motion sensor can, depending on where it's placed, do the regular kind of automations expected of it, then it really makes for a more compelling device.

Netatmo isn't saying when the new Smart Security Sensor will go on sale or how much it will cost, unfortunately. But if you're looking for a HomeKit-compatible door and motion sensor it could well be one to keep an eye out for. Hopefully, Netatmo will fill in the blanks sooner rather than later.