Apple Pencil display patent imageSource: Apple patent

What you need to know

  • A new Apple Patent includes a stylus with a display of some sort.
  • That display could be LED or LCD.
  • It could be used to show a selected color, etc.

The latest Apple patent to be picked up by Apple Insider is number 20190324561, "Stylus with Display." And it looks like it's exactly what that name would suggest.

The patent shows an Apple Pencil-like stylus with a display that could be either LED or LCD. That display could be used for a few things, such as to show the color that would be implemented when the stylus was used.

"A stylus can be provided with an on-board display that indicates to a user a color that will be applied when operating the stylus with an external device," the patent application goes on to say. "The display on the stylus can be positioned to conveniently provide an indication of the color. For example, the display can be provided at or near a tip that is used to contact the external device."

The stylus could also be used as some sort of digital color picker. Allowing the stylus to be placed against an object and then having the color recognized and used in software sounds awesome, and something that would be of huge benefit for image editors and artists alike.

Another method for selecting colors could be to have a way to rotate the pencil's display to make selections. Similar to a dial, for example.

As always it's important to remember that Apple applies for tons of patents each year and only a fraction of them become products. Which category this patent will fall into is anyone's guess, but there's no denying it sounds pretty cool!