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  • Anyone visiting a local hospital has been told not to go to work.

A new cluster of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan has seen Apple chipmaker TSMC warn employees not to come into work if they've been to a specific hospital.

According to a Patently Apple report, TSMC told employees who have been to the Ministry of Taoyuan Hospital that they aren't allowed into the plant. This is all because the hospital has become the center of a new cluster of COVID-19 cases.

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced yesterday that contacts related to Taoyuan from the 6th to the 19th will have to now live in isolation for 14 days. It is estimated that nearly 5,000 people will be enrolled in the quarantine period. They will be inspected and undergo 7 days of independent health management.

In response to the epidemic situation, TSMC is strictly implementing all necessary prevention measures requiring employees to update their health declarations and body temperature tracking daily, in addition to strengthening employees' awareness of epidemic prevention.

TSMC wants to ensure that it doesn't suffer from an outbreak itself, especially one that could see production capabilities put into jeopardy. TSMC is a vital part of the Apple manufacturing machine and any downturn in production could cause devices like iPhones and more to become even more difficult to get hold of than they are already.

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Apple continues to struggle to keep some devices and accessories in stock as a result of the limitations imposed by the pandemic. AirPods Max in particular are very difficult to buy right now, with delivery estimates running into March.

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