Mr White Braided Lightning CableSource: @laobaiTD

What you need to know

  • Apple is said to be adding a braided USB-C to Lightning cable to iPhone 12 boxes.
  • New images show the cable and match previously leaked shots.
  • You still won't get an adapter in the box, though.

Apple has long been rumored to have a new braided Lightning cable ready for iPhone 12 and newly leaked images appear to show exactly that.

Shared by Twitter leaker Mr-white, the images show us something very similar to previous leaks and confirm that the cable will have USB-C rather than USB-A opposite that Lightning connector.

We're already pretty sure that Apple won't be putting an AC adapter in iPhone 12 boxes, so the upgrade to a braided cable is nice. But the inclusion of USB-C does not match Apple's story that everyone already has tons of adapters in their homes. That argument worked with the recent Apple Watch launch because the cable it comes with sports USB-A connectivity. But USB-C? That could prove to be problematic.

Unless there's an adapter in the box, too? 🤷