iMazing on MacSource: iMazing

What you need to know

  • An update to the iMazing app means it can now tell you if you're infected with the Pegasus spyware.
  • Pegasus has been in the news of late because it's being used to spy on journalists and other high-profile figures.

You'd need to have been actively trying to avoid Apple news of late to have missed the furor surrounding Pegasus, a spyware tool that's being used to target journalists and other high-profile people. All of the headlines surrounding Pegasus have people wondering if their iPhones could have it installed without their knowledge. Now, an iMazing app update means it can tell you.

While it's highly unlikely that most people need to worry about someone installing Pegasus on their iPhone, it never hurts to have that added peace of mind. Previous methods of checking whether you have Pegasus installed were less than user-friendly, so this new iMazing update is a welcome one.

According to iMazing, it decided to look into adding Pegasus detection when users began to ask for it — mainly because the other methods of checking for the spyware were too complicated.

At the same time, we started getting Pegasus-related requests from current iMazing users, and noticed increasing interest in MVT from a public not always tech-savvy enough to successfully run its command-line tools. We took the plunge, shifting most of our Windows and macOS development resources to the realisation of a fully integrated equivalent in iMazing.

No setup or device backups are needed to make the iMazing Pegasus detection work. Users simply connect their iPhone to a computer and press a button. It doesn't get more simple than that!

The iMazing app was already one of the best Mac apps for doing all kinds of things with your iPhone — now it's better than ever thanks to a tool most people probably don't need but might want to use anyway. It's a funny old world!

You can read more about the iMazing update on the announcement post, too.