How to use widgets on your iPhone Home screenSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • This new iOS 15 concept includes some features we've always wanted, including an always-on screen.

Apple is likely getting ready to lock in the features that will make up iOS 15 and we can only hope that someone inside Appkel's labyrinth of offices is watching this concept. Because it has some great ideas – some of which aren't exactly new but for some reason still weren't part of iOS 14.

Posted to YouTube by the Hacker 34, this concept imagines how iOS 15 could look when running on an iPhone and it isn't all that much of a departure from what we're using today. Some of the changes are notable though, such as the use of live, interactive widgets. That's a feature that should have been part of iOS 14 – accidental taps be damned – but there's still hope for iOS 15.

The most advanced iOS ever. This is iOS 15. Say hello to even more customization with widgets & icons, split screen on iPhone, always on display with mini widgets, smarter Mail app in addition to better performance, stability and battery life.

Another addition that absolutely needs to come is an always-on display. Something that always shows us the time and, who knows, maybe complications? This video calls them mini widgets, but whatever they're called, I want them. Apple is presumably still worried about battery life – it's why we don't have a Pro Motion screen yet – but an always-on screen would be a game-changer for many.

Which parts of this concept would you like to see Apple add to iOS 15? Let me – and Apple! – know in the comments.