Iphone 12 Concept ImageSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to announce iPhone 12 later this year.
  • Concepts are always good fun!
  • This one shows us something akin to the old iPhone SE and I'm right here for it.

All eyes are on whatever Apple releases when it becomes iPhone time later this year. Whether it happens in September or October, it's a pretty safe bet at this point that new iPhones are coming in 2020. Rumors have two iPhone 12 and two iPhone 12 Pro models on the horizon, with this latest concept showing us the lower end the four. And boy oh boy does it look good.

Rumors have pegged iPhone 12 as having squared-off edges akin to the old iPhone 5 or original iPhone SE. And that's absolutely fine with me if it looks anything like this concept shared by YouTuber Concept Creator.

See what I mean?

The iPhone 12 will the smallest iPhone for that series with it having a 5.4" display! But a more modern design then for instance what the iPhone SE 2020 offers. If you ask me this will be the most popular phone of the 4 being released! And not to mention this will cost $649 which again feels like a proper price for it.

We get to see the design in multiple colors and yes, the (PRODUCT)RED still looks like it will be the only one people should be buying!

The iPhone 12 Pro variants are expected to look very similar, although they'll have larger screens to go with their heftier price tag. That squared-off chassis is something that will be a change for Apple after using rounded edges ever since the iPhone 6 launch in 2014.