This new iPhone 12 concept will have you weak at the knees

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 (Image credit: Let's Go Digital)

What you need to know

  • Let'sGoDigital has published an unbelievable new iPhone 12 concept.
  • It was made by Jermaine Smit - aka Concept Creator.
  • It features beautiful, crisp edges like the iPad Pro.

Let'sGoDigital and creator Jermaine Smit have published a new iPhone 12 concept that is out-of-this-world stunning.

The outlet posted the incredible concept from the Dutch designer yesterday, January 27. The video description says:

The iPhone 11 pro series brought a new design for the camera, But with the iPhone 12 pro rumors are there that we will have back the flat frames! With that I created a iPhone 12 pro series! with flat sides and enhancing the design we saw with the iPhone 11 pro series! Yes, the iPhone 12 pro max has an extra sensor for TOF.

His reference to TOF is in regard to rumors that the next iPhone will feature Time-Of-Flight sensors. That's according to Ming-Chi Kuo. TOF uses LED or laser technology to work out how far away objects are from the camera, creating an accurate map of your surroundings. It is particularly useful for augmented reality, and could lead to much imporved ARKit apps and capabilities.

It features the amazing straight, right-angled edges we've heard rumors about, harkening back to the design of the iPhone 5S, and more recently the iPad Pro. Other features include the incredible small notch, and a bezel so thin that you can barely see it.

We've heard plenty of rumors about the iPhone 12 so far. Including:

Hopefully, these will all come together in September when Apple is purported to announce the device. In the meantime, enjoy the concept.

Stephen Warwick
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