Jet Black iPhone 7Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • Rumors have iPhone 9 being announced as soon as March.
  • The same rumors point to an iPhone 8-like design.
  • This new concept ad uses that information to create a gorgeous phone.

If all of the rumors turn out to be accurate, Apple will announce iPhone 9 as soon as next month. We've heard all about how it will look similar to iPhone 8 on the outside but with updated internals. And now a new concept ad shows us what all of that might mean.

The new concept comes via YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone and was created by Mauro Battino. I'm just going to slot it in right here so you can take it all in.

Sure enough, the ad shows us what looks very much like iPhone 8 but with an Apple A13 processor and new camera capabilities. But none of that is interesting to me. What really caught my eye was the idea of iPhone 7's Jet Black making an appearance this year!

Jet Black was only around for the iPhone 7 model because by all accounts it was difficult to make and it scratched as soon as someone looked at it in a funny manner. But my did it look amazing.

If Apple is indeed going back to Jet Black – and there's been no suggestion that it is – there could be a few people left wondering whether to skip this year's flagship models and go iPhone 9 instead. It looks that good.

Hopefully Apple has taken the time since the iPhone 7 issues to get scratching under control. If it has, and we do see another Jet Black iPhone; would you buy it?