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What you need to know

  • It's iPhone SE launch day!
  • Apple has a new ad out showing the joy of a good unboxing.
  • This is a longer version of a leaked ad we saw earlier.

Apple has shared a new iPhone SE ad via its UK YouTube channel that plays on the joy of unboxing a new iPhone. The ad is actually a longer version of one that we saw leaked last week.

The whole ad centers around someone receiving their new iPhone SE and sitting down to enjoy the unboxing experience. We even get a glimpse of one of the best parts – ripping off that protective film!

Check it out!

The all-new iPhone SE is now available for order online. Those who pre-ordered last week will be receiving their new handsets from today. Sound off in the comments if you're waiting (im)patiently for yours to land on your doorstep. And be sure to read our review while you wait!

Low Price/High Value

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE (2020)

Apple's lowest-price iPhone stocked with the latest internals.

Bottom line: If you've been waiting three years for Apple to update the Home button iPhone, your wait is over.

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