iPhone 8 in red

What you need to know

  • The iPhone SE might be getting a revival.
  • The new model is said to have a 4.7-inch display.
  • Reports suggest an iPhone 8-like chassis.

Since Apple killed the iPhone SE last year people have been longing for its return. A new report by Nikkei has that happening next year, but it won't be the diminutive powerhouse people hoped for.

If the report is accurate, the new iPhone SE will launch in 2020 and will resemble the iPhone 8. The new phone will use a 4.7-inch LCD screen rather than OLED in order to save money, but it isn't clear whether the Home button and Touch ID will return. Given the costs associated with adding Face ID, it's unlikely to be part of this device's spec sheet.

The iPhone SE was so popular because of its small screen at a time when Apple was transitioning to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Those who wanted a more pocketable iPhone flocked to the iPhone SE, and its starting price of $399 didn't hurt either. We don't yet know how much the new iPhone SE will cost, but it needs to be less than the iPhone 11 – or iPhone XR if it remains in the lineup – in order to make it a worthwhile release.

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A powerful A13 chip is likely to accompany that 4.7-inch display according to 9to5Mac, although the cost of such an SoC may be prohibitive. It's possible a slightly older, yet capable, SoC could be used if Apple is keen to keep the new iPhone SE's price to a minimum.

The price of the iPhone SE will be key to its success, especially if the iPhone XR hangs around at a lower price point after Apple's big iPhone 11 unveiling next week.