A new Nintendo Switch Lite color arrives this May

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue
Nintendo Switch Lite Blue (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • A new Nintendo Switch Lite color will release on May 21.
  • The new color will release alongside Miitopia, the HD remaster of the popular 3DS adventure game.
  • The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have remained hugely popular and have been consistent sellers, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Nintendo has just announced a new Nintendo Switch Lite color, set to release on May 21.

The fresh new blue Nintendo Switch Lite will join the expanding range of color options for the system, which already includes coral, yellow, gray, and turquoise, giving players even more ways to express their personal style while they play. The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed around portable play and is a dedicated handheld gaming device. It's smaller and lighter than the normal Nintendo Switch, and is compatible with all of the games in the Nintendo Switch's library. Plus, it also at a lower price point.

The launch of the new Nintendo Switch Lite color also coincides with the release of Miitopia, the remaster of the 3DS adventure game. In Miitopia, you lead a party of personalized Miis on an adventure, while dealing with the personality quirks of each party member. Watch them fight, make up, and build bonds that'll help them triumph on a journey of a lifetime.

The Nintendo Switch is still a hot commodity, thanks to huge hits like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but Nintendo has struggled to meet the demand for the system, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Nintendo President Shintaro Furukawa said in an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei that Nintendo had enough materials and components to meet immediate Nintendo Switch demand, however, he later admitted that it was "difficult to say" whether or not they will be able to "prepare enough for [future] orders."

Rumblings of a new Nintendo Switch revision have been growing louder as of late. Recently, Bloomberg reported that the New Nintendo Switch will utilize a new Nvidia chip to produce 4K visuals. While Nintendo has not acknowledged any of the rumors, it's hard to deny their growing credibility.

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