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With the latest 11.0.0 update, players can now send screenshots directly from their Nintendo Switch consoles to their smartphones. Gone are the days when we had to rely on posting to Social Media or completely removing the Switch's microSD card and plugging it into a computer in order to access our images. The process isn't the most straightforward, though, so I'm here to walk you through it. Here's how to send Nintendo Switch screenshots to your phone.

How to update your Switch

You will only be able to use this new feature if your Switch has the current update. You'll know the update is on your phone if you see the new bright red icon on the bottom left for Nintendo Switch Online.

  1. Go to System Settings from the Switch's main menu.
  2. Scroll all the way down to System.

    Update Nintendo Switch System SettingsUpdate Nintendo Switch SystemSource: iMore

  3. Select System Update.
  4. Wait while the Switch performs a system update.
  5. When it's done simply press the Home button to go back to the main menu.

    Update Nintendo Switch System UpdateUpdate Nintendo Switch Performing System UpdateSource: iMore

Now that your Switch is up to date, you can send screenshots to your smartphone.

How to send Switch screenshots to your phone

Here's how to send screenshots from the best Nintendo Switch games to your phone.

  1. From Switch main menu select Album.
  2. Select the photo you want to send.

    Send Images To Smartphone AlbumSend Images To Smartphone Select ImageSource: iMore

  3. Press A to bring up the next menu.
  4. Select Send to Smartphone.

    Send Images To Smartphone Press ASend Images To Smartphone Send To SmartphoneSource: iMore

  5. If you want to send more at once select Send a Batch and then continue to the next step. If you only have one image you want to send select Only This one and skip down to step 8.
  6. Select any other images you want to send. Selected images will have a green checkmark.

    Send Images To Smartphone Only This OneSource: iMore

  7. Select Send.
  8. Now open your phone's camera app.

    Send Images To Smartphone SendSource: iMore

  9. Scan the left QR code that appears on your Switch screen.
  10. If a new window doesn't automatically open up, tap on the link that appears in the camera app. This will make connect your phone to the Switch console.

    Send Images To Smartphone Scan Qr Code 1 BlurredSend Images To Smartphone Scan First Qr CodeSource: iMore

  11. Once a connection has been made, use the camera app to scan the QR code on the right of the Switch screen.
  12. If the image doesn't automatically open, tap on the link that appears on your phone screen.

    Send Images To Smartphone Scan Qr Code 2 BlurredSend Images To Smartphone Scan Second Qr CodeSource: iMore

  13. Your images will pop up on a new screen. The next few steps will likely be different depending on what kind of phone you have, but this is how it worked for me.
  14. To save an image to your phone, long hold an image.
  15. Now select Add to Photos. If it doesn't say that, it might also say Download. If necessary, repeat the process until all of the photos you sent have been saved to your phone.

    Send Images To Smartphone Image SelectSend Images To Smartphone Save To PhoneSource: iMore

Once you've downloaded your favorite screenshots to your phone, you can post them wherever you'd like or set them as your phone's background.

This update makes it so much easier to access your screenshots since can send them straight to your phone and no longer have to worry about removing the Switch's microSD card just to get images. Have fun getting your favorite screenshots!

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