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What you need to know

  • The GRAY RESKAR is a new Apple Watch band and case combo that you need to see to believe.
  • With pricing starting at $599, these aren't your usual Amazon fare.

Putting a case on your Apple Watch is something tons of people do, but it's usually to try and keep it looking in pristine condition for as long as possible. Maybe their job makes it difficult to keep their watch safe, so they add a case to help out. And sometimes people pay $1300 to make their Apple Watch look like this.

This, is the GRAY RESKAR Apple Watch case and band and it's a whole vibe. I actually like the look of the combination, depending on the color choice and material — of which there are two; Carbodyne and Titanium. The former comes in two colors while the latter has four color options. The titanium version also has the cheapest of the cases at $599 and most costly, the $1399 Aurora.

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Reskar Gold Titanium Apple Watch Case6 900xSource: GRAY

It all certainly sounds impressive.

This re-designed, CNC machined Apple Watch case is engineered with a bold new carbodyne material while also coming in aerospace grade titanium variants. The new carbodyne material, made with thin carbon fiber sheets stacked together in different directions, will create a unique, wavy visual. The RESKAR case can also be bought with a custom designed FKM fluoroelastomer Apple Watchband in a variety of colors, which adds to the case's personality, performance and comfort.

The cases are compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 through Apple Watch Series 6, but only in 44mm size. Sorry, smaller people. RESKAR is just too chonky for you.

Potential buyers can learn more, and pre-order, over on the GRAY website. Orders are expected to begin shipping by August 7. Everyone else can check out our collection of the best Apple Watch cases that won't cost as much as — or more than — the watch itself.

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