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What you need to know

  • A new rumor claims Apple Pencil will come in black.
  • The Mr-white Twitter account posted the mysterious rumor today.
  • No other details, such as a potential release date or reason, were provided.

According to a new rumor, the next generation of Apple Pencil could come in an entirely new color. Reported by AppleInsider, a mysterious Twitter account called Mr-white posted today saying that the next Apple Pencil will be released in a new black color.

"New Apple Pencil is Black🌚"

There have so far been no rumors of a new Apple Pencil in general and certainly not anything related to the possibility of a new color. The tweet did not specify any other details, such as when the new color would be released.

So far, the Apple Pencil has only come in the usual glossy and matte white color that covers almost all of Apple's accessory lineup. All of its accessories like cables, chargers, AirPods, and mice/trackpads are mostly white.

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Apple is expected to release a new generation of the iPad Pro with a Mini-LED display, but analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo said that these devices could not see a release until 2021. If Apple did release a new Apple Pencil, it most likely would not see a debut until the new tablets rolled out as well.

The Mr-white Twitter account is not known for Apple leaks, but recent posts do cover Apple prototypes and testing samples.

It would be highly unusual for Apple to release an accessory in white - AirPods, for instance, have never been released in a different color since they released back in 2016. The only accessories that are released in another color are more for Apple's "Pro" products. The iMac Pro, for example, has a Space Gray keyboard and trackpad/mouse.

Could Apple's next Apple Pencil be the "Apple Pencil Pro"? We'll have to wait and see.

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