During the holiday season, it's always nice to sit down with friends and family and turn on a classic holiday movie.

Maybe you're a big fan of a classic like Love Actually, or maybe you prefer a Christmas action flick like Die Hard; regardless of what your movie-loving heart desires, there are dozens of films to see, whether it's Oscar-bait, a light-hearted comedy, or even a binge-watch of your old favorite TV shows you haven't seen in a while.

But another thing that's been prominent this holiday season — or this entire year, rather — has been the onslaught of Hollywood executives, actors, producers, and directors being outed for sexual misconduct. From Rose McGowan, to Terry Crews, there have been celebrities and people stepping into the light to point the finger back at their abusers.

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Well now there's a website that helps you make sure their media doesn't get the support it once had.

The Rotten Appl.es is a searchable database that lets you know whether or not a film or television show is tied to a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct. In the case of this website, the 'person' is defined as a cast-member, screenwriter, executive producer or director. The goal of this site is to further drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is and to help make ethical media consumption easier. By no means is this site meant to serve as a condemnation of an entire project. This database is not perfect, nor are the results meant to be taken as fact. Each link is sourced from an existing article and is not a reflection of our own opinions. (Rotten Apples)

The site has a simple format: type in the name of a movie or TV show and a list will either pop up with a list of the accused who contributed to the particular project, or the 'Rotten Apples' logo will switch to a bright green 'Fresh Apples' logo with a message that reads:

This TV show has no known affiliation to anyone with allegations of sexual misconduct against them.

If you think there are any errors on the site, you can always click here to submit a correction. You can also email them at info@therottenappl.es if you would like any futher information.

Oh, and they have a Twitter, too.

What do you think?

Are you interested in what Rotten Apples is trying to do, or do you think the site is silly? Will the search results of you favorite movie or TV show change anything for you? Or will you just keep on watching?

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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