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Apple launch live: New iPad, new Apple TV — analysis, reactions and more

The new iPads are here - along with some surprises

Person using iPad
(Image: © Apple)

It's that time of year again - Apple launch day! Everything has already appeared on the Apple store, with appearances from a new iPad Pro with an M2 chip, as well as a shiny new base model iPad. A nice surprise also arose in a new Apple TV 4K, with a new chip along with some funk new features.

Stick with us to find out what Apple has released, how we feel about it, and what it means for Apple's product lines in the next few months. You're going to want to see this - trust us.

The last big event that we saw come out of Cupertino was the iPhone and the Apple Watch event, which saw the launch of the iPhone 14 family, as well as the latest generations of Apple Watches, like the Apple Watch Ultra. This time, it's not an event but a 'launch', and it's not the iPhone that's getting all the love - it's the iPad. We got the iPad Air M1 earlier this year, but there have been some big updates today. The iPad Pro line has received new M2 chips, and the base model iPad has been refreshed with some sick new pastels and bigger, edge-to-edge screens. 

We've also got a new Apple TV - a device that was last updated in 2020. there's a new chip on board, and new software too. With all these new devices, we're pretty hyped - and we can't wait to share them all with you.

What to expect


Apple TV 4K 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

First, we've already got something new - an update to the Apple TV 4K. It looks very similar from the outside, but there's a fancy new logo and, most importantly, a new price tag. It now costs $129 for the 64GB storage option instead of $179 for the previous version. Apple has also stuffed the A15 Bionic chip under the hood, so you'll be able to play more games with the Playstation or Xbox controller you'll have hooked up to it. In our eyes, this is the first time the Apple TV 4K has made sense price-wise, so we're pretty excited to see it here.

New iPad Pro with M2

The new iPad Pro is here featuring the M2 processor, bringing an 8-core GPU that is 15% faster than the current iPad Pro and offers 35% faster graphics performance. With the new iPad Pro and iPadOS 16, Apple has also debuted a new Apple Pencil hover experience, where the pencil can be detected up to 12mm away from the display. It also has Wi-Fi 6E, both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models support 120Hz, but Mini-LED is reserved for the larger model. 

iPad Pro (2022)

(Image credit: Apple)

New iPad

Apple has also revealed its new 10th-generation iPad, a massive upgrade on the previous models with a price to match. It has a new 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, A14 Bionic Chip, USB-C, and more. 

iPad 10th-gen

(Image credit: Apple)

iPad 10th generation Keyboard

(Image credit: Apple)

The new iPad brings with it an all-new Magic Keyboard featuring a click-anywhere trackpad, 14-key function row, and full-size keys. 

The new iPad does work with the old Apple Pencil, but because it now sports a USB-C port you'll need Apple's $9 (sold separately) Apple Pencil to USB-C adapter. 

The new Apple TV 4K features a Wi-Fi + Ethernet option that can be used to support superfast Gigabit Ethernet for fast networking and streaming. Thread Mesh is also supported so you can get more out of your smart home. This is also the only option that features 128GB of storage, a new option for users this year. 

Apple TV 4K

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple iPad

(Image credit: Apple)

The new iPad is also the first to feature a massive upgrade in the form of a landscape FaceTime camera. The 10th-generation iPad is the first to get its front-facing camera in the right position so you can use it comfortably for FaceTime and Zoom. It also has a 12MP front-facing Ultra Wide camera with Center Stage. Noice. 

macOS 13 Ventura on 14-inch MacBook Pro

(Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

Alongside the new iPad Pro with M2, 10th generation iPad, and Apple TV 4K, Apple has confirmed that its new iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura software will be released on October 24, bringing big new updates including the controversial Stage Manager feature. 


iMore's Bryan Wolfe says that the Apple TV 4K 2022 is now priced in a way that makes sense thanks to its generous $129 starting price and $149 128GB option, a much cheaper price point than the $179 previous model. Read the full story here.

Apple TV 4K 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple TV 4K

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple now sells its $30 Belkin iPhone Mount for MagSafe and MacBook so that you can use your iPhone with Continuity Camera in macOS Ventura, which comes out next week. 

iPad Pro (2022)

(Image credit: Apple)

So how much is all this going to cost you? Apple's new Apple TV 4K starts at just $129, a major price reduction on the previous model. The new iPad 10th generation is $449 or $599 for a cellular model with 5G, while the iPad Pro with M2 starts at $799 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch model. The cellular versions are $999 and $1,299 respectively. 

iPad Pro 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPad Pro include an all-new Apple Pencil Hover experience, which can detect the Apple Pencil up to 12mm above the display to show a preview of your mark before you make it. It also enables greater precision and faster handwriting conversion to text and will be available to third-parties. 

(Image credit: Future)

Our writer, Luke Filipowicz, has been pleasantly surprised by the announcement of the 10th-gen iPad. So much, in fact, that he's not sure if the iPad Air 5 is even worth buying anymore.

"The new 10th-gen iPad now looks nearly identical to the iPad Air. Its updated design removes the Home button and puts its Touch ID sensor in the power button. The vibrant blue, pink, and yellow hues adorn the iPad (2022) and look fun, fresh, and less dreary than the slightly more muted tones of the iPad Air. The Lightning port has been swapped out for a USB-C port, meaning it now has access to better accessories, faster charging, and better data transfer speeds. This used to be the iPad Air's claim to fame, but now the iPad (2022) has it and is cheaper."

Read Luke's full thoughts here: The new iPad knocks the wind out of the iPad Air — who will buy it now?

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

The new iPad is only compatible with the 1st-gen Apple Pencil, which chargers via the Lightning connector on the end. But the 10th-gen iPad has a USB-C port, so how does that work? Not great, it turns out.

Charging the Apple Pencil (1st-gen) on the standard iPad was already a bit cumbersome, but now you'll need a dongle if you want to charge the Apple Pencil with your iPad. Yikes! 

Federico Viticci taking to Twitter to pose an interesting point. The 10th-Gen iPad got some upgrades and additional accessories that the brand new iPad Pro didn't.


The launch video for the iPad and iPad Pro has just dropped. Check out the glorious vibrant new colors in the iPad, and get a look at the Magic Keyboard Folio. 

Apple TV 4K 2022 on a pale blue background, with Siri remote

(Image credit: Apple)

In all the iPad news, you may not have even noticed that Apple released a new version of the Apple TV 4K. 

At a glance, the 2022 Apple TV 4K models look just like their predecessors. Both are small, palm-sized cubes, black with the Apple logo etched on top. They connect to a TV over an HDMI connection, and while the cheaper one offers only Wi-Fi connectivity this time, the more expensive model also has an Ethernet port.

The newest Apple TV 4K is also powered by the A15 chip making it faster than the previous generation. Here's everything you need to know about the new Apple TV 4K.

Seems I'm not the only one that thinks the introduction of the 10th-gen iPad makes the iPad Air less appealing.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman think Apple should just get rid of the iPad Air completely. 

Apple Siri Remote (2022)

(Image credit: Apple)

There have been absolutely no changes to the Siri remote that's being sold with the new Apple TV 4K and the one that came with the previous model.

There were rumors that a new Siri remote with Find My compatibly may be coming with a new Apple TV; unfortunately, it seems those rumors were incorrect for this model.

It would have been nice not to lose my remote in the cushions anymore. 🤷🏻‍♂️

tvOS hero

(Image credit: Apple)

It looks like Apple has more up its sleeve with tvOS 16 than we originally thought.

When Apple announced tvOS 16, the update appeared so minor that the latest generation of the software wasn't mentioned during WWDC 2022 or gotten a press release. However, things are starting to pop up with the announcement of the new Apple TV 4K.

In the press release for the latest generation of the Apple TV 4K, Apple also revealed that later this fall, tvOS 16 will be getting an update that will bring some worthy upgrades to Siri. One of those updates is the ability for Siri to recognize the voice of each user so it can automatically switch between profiles when using the assistant to search for content.

Designed specifically for the new iPad, the all-new Magic Keyboard Folio features an amazing typing experience, a click-anywhere trackpad, and a versatile two-piece design.

(Image credit: Apple)

To sum up, we have a brand-new 10th-generation iPad. Here's what you need to know:

  • New 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display
  • A14 Bionic Chip
  • 12MP Front camera (now in landscape not portrait)
  • USB-C charging
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • 5G
  • All-new Magic Keyboard Folio
  • Starts at $449 (Old model was $329 and is still available)
  • Available to order now
  • Release date: October 26

iPad Pro (2022)

(Image credit: Apple)

There's also a new iPad Pro, a much more muted upgrade. Here are some key points:

  • New M2 Processor (15% faster than M1)
  • Apple Pencil hover experience
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • More 5G network support
  • Available to order now
  • Starts at $799 (11-inch) or $1,099 (12-inch)
  • Release date: October 26

Apple TV 4K (2022)

(Image credit: Apple)

Finally, there's a new Apple TV 4K with a much more generous price tag than the previous model and improved processing. Here's what you need to know:

  • A15 Bionic Chip
  • same Design
  • HDR10+ support
  • Wi-Fi and + Ethernet option
  • 64GB or 128GB
  • $129 (old model was $179)
  • Remote now USB-C
  • Thread mesh support for smart home
  • Available to order now
  • Release date: November 4

Phew! So there you have it, a flash of new Apple products and accessories to get your hands on this holiday season. But will you be buying any? What will Apple do with the seemingly redundant iPad Air? Is the iPad Pro with M2 worth the upgrade? And is the Apple TV 4K finally priced in a way that makes sense? That's all for this release round-up as we sign off. Bye for now!