Newton Mail Zen ModeSource: CloudMagic

What you need to know

  • Newton Mail has a new update in the App Store.
  • The new update adds support for Zenbox, a feature that makes it easier to stay focused.
  • Interface improvements and improved universal search are welcome additions.

Popular email app Newton Mail has a new update in the App Store and this one is all about improving how the app looks and works while giving universal search a shot in the arm. The big news is Zenbox, however, with the feature designed to help save people from their inbox.

Starting with Zenbox, an announcement post says that people spend one hour and 21 minutes every day checking their emails. Zenbox hopes to fix that.

Instead of continuously checking for new email and alerting the user for each, Newton will only check for new emails at preset times and alert you then.

  • Zenbox batches your emails and notifications and delivers them at set interval.
  • You can choose different intervals as well as days you'd like email delivered.
  • You can also batch notifications instead of getting hit with many at the set interval.

Other improvements include unified folders, improved unified search, and new support for a rich text editor on the Mac. The usual array of bug fixes and performance improvements round out the changes this time around.

Newton is already one of the best iPhone apps for checking your email and this new Zenbox feature could be enough to keep it towards the top of the pile. Newton Mail can be downloaded from the App Store now — it's a free download with a subscription available via in-app purchase.

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