Nike has just unveiled its newest pair of self-lacing sneakers — the Adapt BB. A follow-up to last year's HyperAdapt, the Adapt BB focuses in on basketball and adopts an all-new adaptive lacing system called FitAdapt that can be used to alter the tightness of the laces mid-game to ensure a comfortable fit throughout.

Step into the $350 Adapt BB sneakers and each shoe detects the tension the foot requires and tightens to keep 'em snug. The wearer can then use the companion app or the manual buttons on the side of the shoes to increase or decrease the tightness. The color of the LEDs on the side can also be customized (because, why not?) and the sneakers are recharged wirelessly.

Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Director of Innovation says:

We picked basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally because of the demands that athletes put on their shoes. During a normal basketball game the athlete's foot changes and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again for performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete's experience.

Nike's VP of Innovation Michael Donaghu says that shoes in Nike's Adapt platform — the Nike Adapt BB is the first — can "evolve after purchase" through new updates and added features. "In other words, we've finally added firmware to footwear, letting us continuously improve the product you've already bought."

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Once the fit for basketball is conquered, the next step, Nike says, is to bring the FitAdapt system to other sports and lifestyle products, each with unique demands for fit in different environments.

You can pre-order the Adapt BB now direct from Nike. There is limited supply in most sizes and orders are expected to ship from February 16. Looks like the early supply is all gone and new orders can be placed from February 17.

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