Nike introduces 'Day to Night' collection of Apple Watch Sports Bands

Nike has launched a new, colorful collection of bands for the Apple Watch. This new collection is inspired by the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit (Day to Night" collection of running shoes and all of the bands are all in the same perforated style that has so far defined the Nike Sports Bands.

From Nike:

The "Day to Night" collection celebrates runners whenever they choose to run – at twilight, sunset and everything in between. Each of the colors is inspired by a shade of the sky, from dawn to dusk, and allows runners to – for the first time – make a statement by matching their Apple Watch Nike+ bands to their footwear.

Just as with the standard Apple and Nike Sports Bands for Apple Watch, the Day to Night collection is priced at $49 per band.

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You can get your hands on them on now from Nike's website or at select Nike retail locations. The bands will come to Apple's online store, Apple Stores, and authorized resellers later this month.

The site is a little wonky right now, and I can't get the links to work, but that should be fixed soon.

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