Nintendo Switch 'Pro' release time frame leaked, announcement days away, says Bloomberg

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What you need to know

  • Nintendo's new Switch 'Pro' might be announced within days and released in September or October.
  • A new Bloomberg report says Nintendo may announce the console prior to E3, which starts on June 12.
  • They say it will feature a 7-inch OLED display, 4K support, and cost more than the current Switch.

A massive new report from Bloomberg says that Nintendo could announce its new Nintendo Switch 'Pro' in just a few days, prior to the start of E3 on June 12.

According to the report Nintendo plans to begin assembly of the device as soon as July, releasing the console in either September or October:

The new console, likely to be priced higher than the $299 original, may be announced ahead of the E3 conference starting June 12 to allow publishers to showcase their full range of Switch games at the global event, the people said, asking not to be named because the plans are not yet public. It will be sold alongside the $199 Switch Lite, with the standard Switch phased out over time.

Whilst we've all been calling this long-rumored console the Switch 'Pro' the report says the true name is only known to a handful of folks inside Nintendo. Apparently, they couldn't keep any other details under wraps though, as Bloomberg says the new Switch will feature a 7-inch OLED display and will be capable of 4K output when connected to a TV. A previous March report said the new Switch will feature Nvidia's DLSS technology for 4K, and the display details also echo previous reports.

As noted this would be sold alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite and would replace the current Nintendo Switch, which would be phased out over time.

As the report mentions, the new is also exciting because it means some of the best Nintendo Switch games currently available might get new or refreshed titles to take advantage of the beefed-up hardware, and it sounds like there's a possibility we might get to see some of them at E3 on June 12.

The Bloomberg report says that Nintendo suppliers are confident they can keep up with demand despite ongoing chip shortages, however with Nintendo struggling to keep up with demand for current models this may change. A combination of labor cost and component prices rising are partly behind the increased price tag.

With E3 just two weeks away, this report could indicate an announcement about the new Nintendo Switch Pro is absolutely imminent.

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