Moments after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld 2007, Nokia showed off the "Tube", an iClone so convincing some thought they'd simply managed to score a demo unit. While the "Tube" eventually faded into a "comes with music" device, and Nokia has now zigged instead of zagged with the N97, BGR has just come across a slide that shows Nokia's iClone plans may still be alive and unwell.

What is it? When will we see it? Since the N97 isn't even shipping until June-ish 2009 (likely just in time for a WWDC launch of the iPhone 3.0 -- iPhone HD?), who knows when we'll see this new device. All we can hope for is that is doesn't cosign itself to mindlessly cloning iPhones past, but actually tried to innovate something more for the future.

If they do, what you want to see on the Nokia next-gen touch?