Want to do your phone right with a case that looks good, will last forever, and works with one of the best smartphone camera lens platforms around? Nomad's new Rugged Leather Case fits all three of those criteria.

Designed for the iPhone X and XS, this case is also compatible with Moment Lenses. That's important because many Moment lenses require you to have a compatible case, and there are not a lot of options from third parties like Nomad. Especially not quality ones.

The Moment lineup includes a dozen different ways to augment your iPhone so you can take the very best pictures, like the $89.99 Moment Macro Lens. Our iPhone lens roundups for macro and telephoto lenses both include Moment products. We even like the case Moment built to be compatible with their lenses, although it looks like Nomad is encroaching on that territory now. Nomad's case works with all v2 lenses for the iPhone X and XS.

This new case is made of leather sourced from the renowned Horween Leather Co. in Chicago. It's actually designed to weather over the first 100 days so that by the end it's a case completely unique to you and your environment. It's rated to survive drops up to 10 feet, although that doesn't include attached lenses. Plus, the full rubber frame, microfiber interior lining, and wrap-around TPE bumper ensure the case won't damage your phone.

In addition to being compatible with Moment lenses, the case is also compatible with wireless chargers. Grab a new one from Samsung for less than $18 today.

Originally planned for January, this case is available now on the Nomad site for $49.95. If you're not interested in Moment photography, you can get the same case without lens compatibility for $5 less from Nomad as well. Sometimes you just want some nice, old-fashioned leather.

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